are we there yet?

tonight i am packing up all the school books we will need for the next few months.
we are leaving soon to move into temporary housing in the phoenix area.
we will look for a home once we get there.
one good part about moving with a big company is that they have a system down for moving their people.
they help us sell our house.
they help us ship our cars.
but even a big wireless phone company can get a little thrown by hawaii.
it's just a little farther and a little more complicated.

my head is spinning.
there are still kids to pack for that haven't worn shoes that aren't flip flops in a while.
figuring out what to pack and what is not longer needed.
i'm ready to go.
the drawn out part of moving on is….rough.

but i don't want to forget to have fun with them!
 as we try not to get too behind in school to allow time for house hunting once we get there.
deeeeep breaths.
i have to take them to say goodbye to the places that they love.

 all while trying to keep the house spotless for potential buyers that want to have a look.

when we get to arizona, we will have been apart from reedo for almost a month.
the best part of this new chapter and the light at the end of the tunnel is that reedo's new job will not require as much long travel time.
that is why we are making this investment.
that is what is getting me through tonight. 


moving on

we did it.
we lived for two years, almost exactly, on an island.
there were such amazing things about it.
i've never felt more brave than when i moved away from the place i'd always known.
i've never felt my patience grow as much as when i homeschooled my children while my husband was gone half the time.
the ocean! i like the ocean so much more after living here in hawaii.
my kids are thriving and expressive and growing and bonded in such a new way and i know that this adventure has been so good for us all.
i wouldn't change it for anything.

and now my reedo has a sparkly new job in arizona.
what a gift to have a good job.
a job that my husband wants and is good at.
arizona, huh?
sounds hot. and sandy-ish. and brown.
i'll be honest, though. i didn't really feel excited about hawaii either.
i think i may be a piece of work.
the strange thing about me, lately, is that as we drive around the island doing our "last time on the north shore" and "our last time" at this place or that place i start to feel oddly comfortable in this phase of leaving. i haven't held on very tightly to any of this.  i remember the music that i listened to as i left california and the feeling of loss is bizarrely comforting. weird, huh?

i'm ready for this next place.
i'm ready to be surprised.
i'm ready to see what the Lord has got for us.
i'm sure it won't be what i would pick, and i think that may be best, ya know?


and then over a year went by….

i am still here.
on our little island.
my hair is longer.
 my kids are still my favorite and also with me all the time.
which is challenging.
 jake is practically a teenager and also nowhere near a teenager.
 we are super beachy and tan and full of aloha spirit.

 ty is still amazingly kind and patient and thoughtful.
he's one of those people that makes you realize how mean you really are in comparison.
 ella is amazing and strong and won't take….crap from anyone.
now we are moving.
to arizona.
california to hawaii to arizona.
i thought i should try and blog a little so as not to overwhelm instagram with my information and words.
remember how when i used to blog i was terrible at responding to your commentary, but still really liked reading it?
that will be the same and maybe worse since i will be moving and stuff.
if i was ty, i would respond to everyone, but there can only be one ty in the world.
maybe i should teach him to blog….



i love reading
we all love it over here.
my favorite part of homeschooling is the reading part.

this year we are reading the Little House on the Prairie books and i had no idea how hooked we ALL would be.
it's amazing.
i really believe that God speaks to me through books.
i mean....the Bible, of course.
but i have found that he can use any book. (and anything!)

these books are written for chidren, but they are for everyone.
and they are especially for us reeds this year.
we are not going west to homestead, 
but we are traveling to different homes with only really our family as a constant.
we aren't fighting prairie fires, 
but we are learning to make a home somewhere unfamiliar.
our "pa" isn't going off to harvest in neighboring counties for the summer and coming back on foot in the snow,
 but we all know JUST how the Ingall girls felt when we find ourselves listening for reedo's footsteps and counting the days until his return.
it's just a gift.
the kids beg for more every night.

the more i read to my kids 
the more they seem to love reading.
to me and to themselves.

and just one more thing.

i have found that reading something they are enjoying to them 
while they sketch or do quiet legos has made me feel like a really good mom.
do your kids ever just really want you to "play" with them and you just don't have it in you?
you want to be with them, but you just can't pretend to like legos or barbies right now?
well, that happens to me a lot 
and i've found that if i first just volunteer to read while they play it still counts as playing to them!

just a thought.
you should try it.



if you live on our street you will know us because we have a tee-pee on our porch.

this is the story.

we are studying early american history.
i am a newly homeschooling mom, who has a good amount of over confidence in my creativity.
it thought about what i wanted to do for our first homeschool art project and a tee-pee was the obvious choice.
patterns and DIYs are all over pinterest so, why not?

i got the pattern here
i liked it because it was a big one.
but the pattern has the words "bad ass" on it which jake thought was pretty edgy, for me...
you've been warned.

this is how it went down.
i gathered up a bunch of example patterns for them to look at and
they each designed a panel on paper.

i drew out the panels on the canvas and
we cut out all the pieces
there were some mistakes.
but i knew that would happen.
i had purchased an extra drop cloth for that reason.

i let jake man the drill
that was hard for me.
but he was fine.
and we all sanded the wood.

i let them all sew a few of the seams, but that is not pictured since i was too stressed...
and i finished up the sewing part by myself after loosing my cool a few too many times.

and then the best part came.
the part where it turned into "the best homeschool project ever in the world".
after i transferred their designs onto their panels in sharpie, we set the whole thing up and everyone began to paint.
it was good.
everyone (including me) was relaxed and happy.

we worked on it in the garage at night, while reedo was away on a trip.
it was probably 89 degrees in there, but no one cared.
everyone was focused.

when we finished i gave them each a toy bow and arrow to play with in it and it has been quite a hit.
it even inspired some of our halloween costumes

i think it will go down in history as a very cool part of our time homeschooling.