another song? {yes please!}

i am getting myself together.
i've had one whole week away from my job.
you know that place where, you have no idea where to start because it seems like more than you can ever do, so you just do a blog post?
that's me right now.
now, don't get me wrong, i am so well taken care of!
i got to visit with my sisters, hang out with a dear friend, snuggle and take walks with reedo, and then i came home to my sweet sweet mother in law who had seriously held down the fort for me in a BIG way.
not the kind of "hold down the fort" where you look around and just thank God that every one is still alive, the kind where my laundry is folded and the kids have eaten veggies all week....yah, not. too. shabby.
i am so thankful for that break!

i have (around) a bazzilion pictures to share, but i need to download them and edit them still....
so for now, i will share this music video of my amazingly talented sister gracie girl.
i got to listen to her sweet voice for a whole week and now i am listening to this over and over because i just can't get enough.
she is such a treasure.
she makes my life better.
i couldn't love anyone more.
if she's not lovely, i don't know what is....

so here you go...you are welcome.

linking up with heather....of course.



  1. I love her voice. Does she have any CDs we can look into buying? C'mon...give her some sales!:)

  2. Ok...first of all, I cannot STAND how cute your blog makeover is. I mean, really, I just clicked on your site for the first time since the new design went live and I am GREEN with envy. LOVE it. Second of all, I just peeked at your "our home" link and I have decided that I want you to adopt me...cool? Ok, I might be 30, (and married with 2 kids of my own) but I'm digging the family togetherness and overall cuteness, albeit doctored up and Photoshop-ed and all. What if I promised to help with the laundry, or dishes or something? :)

  3. What a great song! I love it!

  4. Okay, wow...She{and the rest of y'all} is/are amazing!!! Is there a cd we can purchase?? And by we, I mean me...

  5. That's good stuff. I googled the band name & found their FB page but I can't get the other song to play. I'm gonna keep trying though. I love their sound! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. That's great music. Her voice is amazing. Love it and thank you for sharing it!

  7. oh my goodness, i totally commented earlier... it never went through?!? anyway, what i said was that she IS amazingly talented and where can i buy this song and what an intoxicating voice she has! love it!

  8. Here is the deal. If you have that much talent in your body, heart and soul...it must be shared, broadcast through out the land. Seriously. Someone make that girl a record, then put it in Walmart and Target so we can all go buy it and be blessed by her. Thank you very much.

  9. God has gifted her with an amazing voice! :)

  10. dang......she is talented!!!!

    i love getting away.
    SO MUCH.
    and what i don't like....the adjustment to coming back.
    it's the worst part.

  11. i love this song and the one of you three singing… i have listened to them both several times. can your sisters get blogs please? i have two sisters too :) i meant to tell you, i saw a woman at the park the other day who was your twin. i actually did a double take of her and she looked at me funny. her little girl kept going down the slide with brody. i wish it was you at the park in new york :)

  12. you're baaaaackkk! : ) we missed you! can't wait to hear all about your time away and see all your pictures, sounds like so much fun! and yes, her voice is amazing, so very talented that girl!

  13. beautiful. alison krauss meets nickel creek. meets perfection. couldn't love it more. repeating as i'm catching up on blogs.

  14. WOW! Too much talent! Are they selling CDs anywhere for people who can't get to Bend ;-)?

  15. I LOVE this song!!! and the one where you and your sisters are singing is fabulous too! What amazing talent you have all been given!

  16. omg she is soo amazing. this song is on repeat.she is one talented girl.