unsearchable things

it's interesting to me to see how in love with certain places people can be.
maybe it's the tropics or their momma's kitchen table or the mountains or out on the ocean or anywhere...
but we all have what we'd call our happiest place.
and because many people have indicated that i now live in their happy place it makes me really think.
because i DO love God's beautiful ocean and the amazing surroundings that are now close enough for me to drive to in an afternoon.
but, i had that in california too.
and it makes me wonder if you, who live in oregon or illinois or texas or new york or montana or washington or everywhere, have that close enough to drive to in an afternoon, too.
i just wonder if what we really love is actually the place that we happen go to to recharge.
our vacation place.
our sabbath.
the place where we take a break from our everyday stress and worries.
because i have been living in the state of hawaii for four months now and i just this weekend really felt like i loved it for the first time.
and it was when we took a family sabbath to maui.
now, it's tempting to think that we should live there instead of where we DO live.
you see?
even for the girl who lives in paradise, there is still something to wish for....
but i realize that what is so great about maui or wherever you are wishing to be, is that it's vacation.
us reeds can be living right in the middle of what you may call paradise and not see it because of our jobs, our lives, or responsibilities.
we have to leave to get our rest.
it makes me wonder if that is a lesson to take with me from this adventure through paradise.
we won't be here forever.
this job assignment isn't permanent.
we may end up someplace that some may call ordinary.
but i just wonder if there will be places of sabbath all around just waiting to be enjoyed.
i wonder if you have them too....


  1. So true! I think sometimes we forget to breathe and take in the good things around us where we are in that moment. So glad you got your recharge! Have a great week!

  2. For me, I feel like the places that recharge me have more to do with getting away or how I feel as opposed to the locale itself. I grew up going to summer camp in northern Wisconsin which certainly isn't exotic or exciting, but it is still the most relaxing and happy place for me. Then I realize how much growing I did at camp and the relationships that developed there and it makes a little more sense!

  3. for years i lived in an area that is touted as one of the most beautiful places in the states. my family and i enjoyed each moment. on the other hand, my guest room was always booked. often weeks in advance. my house was always busy and i could never catch my breath. our home was large but didn't seem large enough.

    thankfully, we moved back to the real world and my family was mine again. i still visit my dream place and enjoy the beauty. my husband and i recently thought about moving back but just couldn't make the jump.

    i like my family time. i like our weekends. i love the chance to just hangout with them and we were losing that time when we were a destination vacation for so many.

    enjoy this special time with your family. only let the fun people visit♥

  4. This is such a great perspective, Shauna. And I really needed to hear it today! I vacationed in Hawaii when I was in highschool and I have to say it really is my absolute favorite place. But what you said about living and working somewhere day in and day out versus vacationing or "getting away" made sense. This summer I'm going to be alone a lot with my kids b/c of my husband's schedule and I've been bummed about that, I love new places and adventures, but you've inspired me to plan "vacations" to different spots nearby for us to enjoy :)

  5. you are absolutely right Shauna!! I don't live near the beach and we don't have many attractions here but it is a small peaceful homey town that feels 'homey' if that makes sense. so when my family from southern cal drive up here they feel like they are on vacation(away from the traffic, people, etc).

    and i feel like i'm on vacation when i go down south :) it's kind of like that saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side' or something like that. :)

  6. Shauna, I absolutely love your blog and I know that I don't know you, but my heart is hurting for you and your family. I moved from California to Tennessee with my family and it is the worst thing to go through when it's something that you never wanted to begin with. We prayed and prayed that the Lord would not move us, and that way out never came. We lived in Tennessee for 4 years and we're now back in California. I think I remember you saying in one of your blog posts that this move to Hawaii isn't permanent...so I guess my challenge to you is to rest in the fact that the Lord has you there for a specific reason in this season of your life. How great is the God that we serve that we can call to him when were tired and weary from stressful things in our lives?! :) I'm praying for you and your family Shauna! That little feeling of finally feeling like you could stand the place you're living is the best feeling ever after making a huge move like that. I hope the Lord continues to fill you and your family with comfort and joy!


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