100 things

an {in process} list of 100 things i'm grateful for...

1.  tea parties.

2.   laundry.

3.  freckles

4. brotherhood

5. rain.

6. snack time.

7. diet coke.

8. my wedding day.

9. the smell of my children's hair.

10. his laugh.

11. kisses.

12. freedom from fear.

13.  growing up.

14.daddy-daughter love.

15. dell taco

17. pinterest

18. instagram

19. soundproof play areas.

20. watching the rain fall, out my window.

21. a head that rests on my shoulder.
22. aunts grace love

23.  legwarmers on a cold morning

24. toes in the water on thanksgiving morning

25. the way i can still see my momma in my sisters.

26. early morning snuggling

27. friends who like to play with me

28. sons who are getting big enough to actually help

29. the color aqua

30. a lavender unicorn named cindie

31. tidbit

32. vintage cameras

33. antiquing with my daughter.

34.my mom's laugh in my children.

35. a warm neck.

36. my ballerina 

37. reedo's tubs

38.warm chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day

39. being the one to follow though with him.
(it's hard to hold to your word, but i am thankful i get to parent him.)

40. jake's thoughtfulness.
(a lego frame, to cheer me up)

41. dandelions

42. backyard basketball

43. pretending

44. growing feet

45. ice cream cones

46. Jesus calling

47. this boy. the feeling of him beside me.

48. daffodils and friendship

49. sprinkles

50. this note that i wrote to my mom when i was in high school. then she gave it back to me when i was going through a hard time. and now i just stare at it and wonder if its true and what His glory might look like to her right now....

51. their laughter together

52. loud voices

53. spray paint

54. sweet peas

55. krispy kremes

56. baking with my youngest two

57. skiball

58. paddleboarding together

59. snuggle parties before school

60. courage

61. muscle costumes

62. my mom's beach

63. good outfits

64. singing with aunt val

65. crossed eyes and fringy boots

66. our house

67. a freezer stocked with uncrustables


69. her singing

70. their love, even in chaos...

71. her strong voice

72. seashells and beach hair

73. a small reminder of home, even 2500 miles away

 74. window markers and aloha