pillow talk

these are my special, new pillows that I made.
Like most of my sewing projects, super cute fabric and idea, but..... don't look too close.
I don't have the patience or the know how to do things as I "should"....but hey, at least I have 'um!
I am learning something about myself.
I am not so much detail oriented.
I don't think through all the steps of making pillows before I do it, I just start and then want to be done and have the finished product as soon as possible. I want that so badly, that I just power through even if I do a questionable job. Half the time I realize, "wow, i should have thought more carefully because that is not as cute(or yummy, or special, or happy, or smart) as it could be.
The other half I think,"yeah, great, not perfect, but perfect isn't necessary for this and I am glad that i am a person who knows how to try something new!"
that's how i feel about my pillows. not perfect, but cute.

p.s. detail oriented friends(you know who you are)
I heart you.....and wish I was like you......sometimes.

p.p.s. I wish i had this same courage with voicing my emotions and feelings....that is a whole 'nother story....


  1. the pillows are lovely, and they make me happy just looking at them. I promise not to look too close :) Hey, the big accomplishment is getting them done!!

  2. I like your story.

    Now I am the person that would buy the fabric and the do-dads and then dream up the pillows a million different ways and then never do the project bc I would be busy buying things for other projects and dreaming them up!

    I duuno what kinda oriented that's called!