6 kids and 2 mommies

i just got back from a fun, wild, funny, exhausting, not funny, beautiful, tiring, delightful, dirty, amazing little get away with my pal, Joy and her three kids.
just mommies and kids.
little ones.
it was really really great.
i'm so glad it's over.
there was delicious light, turkeys, harmonica playing, twister, mommies wanting to put harmonicas in the garbage disposal, jello shots that never gelled, watermelon, snugly babies, time outs, a photo booth and much more.
i'll share more when i no longer feel like i'm loosing my mind.
for now, here are some favorites....



  1. sounds like it was busy!!
    loved your pictures, you are such a cool mom :)

  2. it looked like a lot of fun via instagram though. re-group so we can see the rest of your visit now, k? and i guess you just need a little more practice with making the jell-o shots...but that could be kinda fun, too.

  3. eeee! looks like an amazing trip!
    i wanna go on one of those soon, but maybe without my kids. ;)

  4. You two Mamas are both amazing :) 6 lucky kiddos fo sho!!

  5. crazy fun is the best fun. but its always nice when its over.