tropical virtual coffee

i still don't really drink coffee.
today i'm drinking ice water in a environmentally friendly cup.
ha ha!
please don't click away.
i haven't done a virtual coffee with amy in a while!
and she's my favorite.

so here i am, across the ocean, thinking of all my friends all over the world and feeling very....connected, ya know?
this is an amazing world where not only can i keep up with my california friends that i have recently left behind, physically, but also i can keep up with friends all over.

also, i feel like i should take a moment to be so happy about the laptop that my sweet reedo got for me for christmas (see it in the picture?) as well as the PERFECT cover i got for it on etsy.
my favorite colors and retro alarm clocks!

let me take a sip of ice water.

so i started homeschooling today.
just pretended to know what i am doing.
i opened up jake's text book where his public school teacher left off and started division with remainders.
we i decided to act it out with paper plates.
i thought it was great.
my first born was completely ungrateful for any of my happy enthusiasm or creativity the whole day.
that was hard, ya know?
i'm sure you either do or you can imagine....rough. first. day.

the other two were fine.
which sometimes makes the third wheel, even worse.
i am sure you moms of three kids hear me.
it's an interesting combo during a CRAZY life change.

i think i have decided that i am going to have very low expectations for this first week, just to get everyone used to working together.
the logistics are way harder than the actual work.
the knowing when to figure it out yourself and when to ask mommy.
the whole me making every meal and also trying to set up what each kid is going to work on today.
the answers to what to do when certain kids are totally bugging each other.
there is no normal yet.

also, i think i have decided to get tons more snacks.
they make everything better.
and also, maybe i should start drinking coffee?

you know what are so good?
and also a nod to your favorite(now hawaiian) blogger lady?
chocolate dipped coconut luna bars.
get them!
i got mine at target.
you need to get some to shake yer cute little blond self up during yer annual 
"why is it so cold for so long?" phase,
these will help you dream of you and me sitting on the beach in hammocks someday...
(by the way, i've never done that either)

(lena and leslie, do you feel faint at the sight of my misspelling of deodorant on that list? are you wondering if i should be allowed to homeschool my children at all??)

ok ok, off to target.
some things do stay the same.



  1. You may not be the spelling bee winner, but you are one of the smartest people I know. Your kids will thrive as your students! I spellz real gud and i kant figer out most of lyyf.

  2. you are so spunky and cute! i noticed the misspelling before you even mentioned it because that's one of those words i just can't ever seem to figure out! (and i consider myself a decent speller... now don't go spell-check my blog just because i said that though!) i look forward to following you.

  3. spelling is hardly necessary anymore with our computers. thank goodness.
    it's looking lovely over there.
    here's to better homeschool days ahead!

  4. Thinking of you so much! Wow, there's a lot of change for you. It took Abbie and me some time to figure out the whole homeschooling rhythm, but it gets better. I hear you about the bickering siblings, it's driving me crazy right now. Praying for you and the kiddos, but especially for you! Much love!

  5. yes, you should start drinking coffee. praying for your transition. the plate idea? brilliant!

  6. Any change is going to take time to adjust to for sure! I hope you all settle in soon and find your new rhythm as a family! {{{hugs}}}

  7. how very wonderful that you home school now! :)
    i have four at home that i home school and let me tell ya, there is no normal over here!
    some days we hang on by the skin of our teeth and always by the grace of God...wouldn't have it any other way, though. i love having my kids home(most of the time).
    i think you are wise to have lower expectations right now, and avoid comparison and perfectionism.
    give yourself LOTS of grace and time to adjust.
    and coffee! :)
    those luna bars don't look too bad either. never tried that kind, though.
    here's to a brand new day, new mercies and keeping our sanity!

  8. You are a ROCKSTAR. Moving across the sea and homeschooling. Praying smooth sailing for you today.

  9. please get a hammock and lay on the beach in hawaii and text me and send pics so i can pretend like i am there(i might even close my eyes and put sunscreen on in my living room). i love your water instead of coffee, misspellings and attempting math. never could i attempt math, my kids would never get into college and probably live with me until they are 30. and we know that can't happen!!! i'm thinking there is not gonna be a "normal" for a while but i'm super excited that we get to watch the reed family's hawaiian adventures unfold right here form our very own computers. how cool is that?!?

    ps- im totally getting those bars at target today!

  10. Hi, I'm Hannah. :)

    Although I am a huge fan of coffee...I recently tried Yerba Matte Tea. I'm slightly obsessed with it. It has as much caffeine as coffee, but it's tea [obviously]. If there is a coffee store in Hawaii that sells/makes the Yerba drinks...get a soy Yerba Matte Latte. [if you love soy, this drink is divine]. Also, you need to try the Hawaiian shortbread cookies by Hawaiian Cookie Company [if you haven't already]. They are so good, one is never enough!

    Your blog is so fun to look at! I hope you and your family are adjusting to your new life in Hawaii!


  11. Shauna: I homeschooled. I would change your phrase from having low expectations for "this first week" to having them for "this first year." (Or at least "this first month.") Give yourself some grace, for sure! And I totally get the not-enthusiastic kid. And the figuring out how to do the rest of your life while also adding in the education of your children. You'll get there! Embrace the crazy, as Casey A would say!