daddy-daughter love

does it get any more sweet than this?
daddy playing with calico critters on the hearth.
i am incredibly grateful for daddy-daughter love.

ella's birthday was great.
tiring but great.
i love to let the kids feel special on their big days.
but i always understand so well, after birthdays, why they aren't "in charge" all the other days.
the little tyrants....
here are some highlights besides the serious calico critter time up top...

am i glad she was born!


  1. how bout we drive our calico camper over and have a campout with yours! ah! the squirrel fam. i know someone who's gonna be a bit excited herself about all that news. love how it all turned out!! great job.

  2. Those are perhaps the best birthday faces I've ever seen captured. Is she just that excited or are you just that good? I think both.
    Happy birthday to your girl!

  3. oh my goodness!
    she looks just like her momma!
    the second to the last picture sealed the deal for me.
    so stinkin' cute.
    looks like it was a successful day, indeed.:)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the banners! Fun!!! May have to steal that for the boys birthdays! And seeing Ella playing with your hubs makes me so want a little girl. That daughter of yours has full force fanned my "I need a daughter" flame! HA!!

  5. loved your sweet pictures! it looks like you did a good job making her day very special :)

  6. the most precious little girl!!!
    that party is adorable.
    she is so loved!