freedom from fear

there are some things that i am grateful for that i most of the time take for granted or live my life
frequently forgetting about.
for example, the fact that i do have freedom from fear.

i have freedom from fear.
no matter if i choose to live that way or not.
if you've been reading my blog long, you know that i struggle with fear often.
but i am choosing to be grateful, today, for that fact that i don't need to be afraid.
i mean, i have nothing to fear.
at any given time i can quietly slouch out of this heavy burden that i choose to shoulder much of the time.
i am seen and heard and loved.
i am not in charge of the world.
i am tiny little lady who, when obedient, can get a smile out of my heavenly father (who does happen to be in charge of the world ).
no fear necessary.
just arms wide open and the wind in my (stringy) hair....

(please mention this to me tomorrow when i am all tied up in my fears, ok?)



  1. Shauna .....i needed this. I have so many fears and then i remind myself that He is in control. Sometimes i dont sleep at all as all of my fear and worry clouds my mind. All we have to do is yield to Jesus....why is it so hard?

  2. I'm on that perpetual fear boat with you Shauna and God has been working on that with me right now too. I have to go back again and again and again to Him with my fears and really reckon on those verses that tell me to not fear and to bring my anxiety to Him and believe in His promise of peace. I appreciate this post a lot!