Just got home from an awesome night at the Grammy's! Great Show!
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Lately I have been listening to alot of Billie Holiday, James Taylor, and my kids have been liking the new Sting album. Also, we have been listening to the grammy nomination CD for this year, since Reedo and I will be making an appearance there. Still, when I am with my kids my never ending favorite is Elizabeth Mitchell....she is so sweet!


My little sister Grace and I when She was visiting during Christmastime
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Eric and I have been married for 10 years! I love my husband.
He works hard and with integrity. He takes care of his family as his first priority. He is a great dad and our kids love being around him. His coming home from work every night is what they thrive on. His kindness and love are things that our family is built around.
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Ella is my daughter. She has alot of ideas and words for me that, after raising my boys, are always surprising me.
She is funny and oppinionated and loves being charge. She gets alot of attention from her brothers and her daddy and is always seeking thier approval. Having her as my daughter makes me look back at the way my mom loved me and laugh....she must have been so amazed at the way a daughter helps you see yourself more clearly.
I thank God for this little spitfire, and also beg him to have mercy on me. How much mirror I can handle held up to my face?
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This is Ty. He is 4 years old and a funny, giggly, wiggly guy.
He is kind and good at sharing. He LOVES his big brother and will follow him to ends of the earth.
I love to snuggle with him because he latches on and hugs tight.
Ty brings joy and laughter to the Reed family.
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Jake is 6.
He loves his family and takes his place as oldest child with authority.
He has a strong belief in God and is passionate about doing what is right.
He is helpful and sensitive and wants to please.
He is my amazing firstborn son and I am so proud to know him and be his mommy.
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So here I go....

My first time blogging.

I am not sure what this will be about or who will look at it. I am a little nervous about my spelling and my random way of thinking. Oh well. You don't have to read this if you don't want to.