my first born child is ten years old.

we looked back at pictures from his birth-day.
(giving birth was not my favorite.)
but getting him certainly was.
and as much as i love looking at those old pictures and remembering how sweet and tiny he was, and how young everyone else was in the pictures, i have to tell you that i love having a ten year old jake.
i guess i can't speak for every ten year old, but this one is just really really great.
i love having conversations where i realize he knows more than i do.
i love when he has ideas that are brilliant.
i love seeing him discover how great it feels to give to others of our time and energy.
i love that he loves to read like i do.
i just think i was made for this stage.
at least that's how i feel today.

so, to celebrate a decade with this brilliant fella, reedo and i SECRETLY planned a family get away to our favorite family happy place in maui.

the little kids ended up giving it away about 5 minutes from the airport.

while we were there, my big ten year old guy decided to treat his brother and sister each to a fancy souvenir  with his own allowance money (he's a saver).

and the by the time we were there for one night, reedo and i agreed that parasailing would be the perfect memorable antic to remember this very special trip by.

with a parachute.
1200 feet in the air.
ok, so i agreed to it, but it was not easy for me.

but once they were up there and i was feeling good about the boat and the fellas running the whole deal, i was just so proud.
all three of my kids did it.
i still can't even believe it.

 it was a very lovely relaxing time for us.
with reedo traveling more than we are used to, back and forth from the mainland, we really soak up those moments that we all get to be together.


the reed's underwater camera

a few of you have expressed interest in our family's underwater camera.
it actually is ty's camera.
he got it from his uncle and aunt for his birthday.
but we all love it.

it's from costco

Fujifilm FinePix XP60 Weatherproof Digital Camera Bundle


tiny date night

it took three hours, tops.
he is the sweetest, most thankful person i know.
we fulfilled a few of his little dreams.
he makes my heart feel like it will explode.

ski ball

winning the monkey

mommy having a go

"chicken dinner" at farrell's 

(that is all candy and ice cream)
it really didn't take much
why don't i do this more often?


lil' water ballerina

after a few months with no time with my big girl camera, 
ty and i decided to make a little photo shoot of our own with our favorite lil' darlin.
clearly she enjoyed it too....
our lil' water ballerina.