well, us reeds are makin' time.
we are in escrow.
i am going over to hawaii to house hunt tomorrow.
we had our last holiday in this home.
my house has been loud and messy and full this last week.
my sisters have both been staying here as well as reedo's parents.
my kids are in heaven.
my kids are confused and acting out.
my kids are working the system.
things just keep moving and i can barely keep up.

i guess my whole season of waiting is over then, huh?
in less than a month we will be residents of hawaii.

i don't know how my blog will fit in. to this month.
will you still be my friend if i don't blog for a month?

how 'bout this,
i show you a very special sister time i had with my talented sisters and you promise to still be my friend even if i forget about blogging until 2013.


ps. how rad does gracie look with her head shaved?
she is the brave one.
and the pretty one.
val and i both agree.



his first turkey

i love this video of reedo cooking his first turkey last year...

Reedo's Turkey. from Marianne Bach on Vimeo.


little darlin'

the little darlin' turned five today.

(fringe boots $21at kohls. because i know you'll ask...)
she told me she decided to stop sucking her thumb.
the dentist always tries to tell her to stop.
i roll my eyes.
her brothers remind her over and over that the dentist told her to stop.
i tell the boys maybe they should try listening to the dentist for their own teeth instead of their sisters business.

her grandma sent her a wrist corsage to wear to school.
it was completely fancy and amazing for her.

i found this doll at pottery barn kids.
it was something ridiculous like $50 dollars or something.
but this was the last floor model and her head was almost completely off her neck.
so my pal lena helped me bargain her down to $14.97.
i brought her home and stitched her neck up and cleaned her up a bit.
she has blue eyes and a little pink pout and she is clearly an island girl.
sailboats on her dress and a lily in her hair.
we named her ella-lani.
i like a girl who is a little bit run down, but has a good story.
i bet a looooooot of girls played with her at PB kids before she made it to us....

today we had an on open house.
dozens of people have been through the reed home in the last two days.
that's how long its been on the market.
i'm hoping to be in escrow by the weekend.
then we will be.....homeless?
freaky and liberating at the same time.



girl without a phone

my phone got water damaged.
it was my fault.
it's not fixable.
i don't want to talk about it.

i will, however, give huge appreciation to my gracious husband.
i'm not sure if this will be considered only half a compliment, but i'd like to give reedo the award for "most improved" in the "gracious when his wife does something dumb" department.
he was not this way when i married him.
i mean he didn't yell or anything.
he was just seemingly unable to have compassion on my mistake.

but, that is CERTAINLY not the case anymore.
he doesn't high five me or anything, but he is just quiet.
the right choice, i think, since i feel ridiculous enough already.
and, in this case, he didn't say anything to me, but just researched another phone to get to replace it.
in spite of the fact that he has an incredible amount of craziness on his plate right now.

he found a phone
bought it for a sickening amount of money
and then payed a little more to have it overnighted.

honestly, as i type this i feel like crying.
its not the money or the phone or the fact that it will be more convenient if people can communicate with me or that i can go on instagram again...
it's just his simple service and grace.
that is God's love right through my reedo and into my heart.
forgiveness in all it's simplicity.
when you really accept forgiveness, even in such small things, it is heart over-flowingly beautiful.
it's hard to accept thought, huh?

with all that said, i have to tell you that i missed my phone and the social media part of it a lot less than you'd think.
in fact, the first day i felt a little sick about how many times i looked down to a phone that wasn't there.
then after i saw what a habit it is, i decided to lean into this clean break.
there is something kinda great about just being on your own.
don't get me wrong, i'll be glad when the convenience is back, but for these last days i've had a little peace in living the moments on my own. 
no photos
not texting
not emails every few minutes.

i'm considering trying to have more phone-free time after all the drama of selling our house and stuff is over.
doesn't that sound kinda rad?
phone-free in hawaii?
maybe that's what aloha is all about?



sooooooo, i have some big news

the reed life is moving!
moving across a big ocean!
moving in time for us to start our new year in our new home.
it's been a whirl wind.
it's been a surprise.
i'm kinda scared.
i'm kinda pumped.
but my over all biggest feeling is that peace that comes when you are taking steps of faith.
you think it will be scary and horrible.
but then, you realize that faith and trust are just the perfect weapon to use against fear.
it's like they were made to combat each other!
oh wait.  they were!
you are gonna laugh at me when i tell you where i am so afraid to move....
but, i am sure you can understand that change can be scary, even in paradise.
so please join me in singing our 2012 family christmas song...

and while enjoying our favorite voice of christmas, please enjoy these pictures of my people at the beach.
their happiest place on earth.

i know, i know
we'll be FINE.
we'll be a family.
we'll be a beach family, for now.
(we actually already sorta are)
and after living 33 years in Southern California, this little momma with be making her family a home in Hawaii.

(for my own personal feelings of safety, if you want to talk about which island and city we are relocating to, will you please email instead of comment?
once i am there and feeling comfortable, i will share more, ok?)