sooooooo, i have some big news

the reed life is moving!
moving across a big ocean!
moving in time for us to start our new year in our new home.
it's been a whirl wind.
it's been a surprise.
i'm kinda scared.
i'm kinda pumped.
but my over all biggest feeling is that peace that comes when you are taking steps of faith.
you think it will be scary and horrible.
but then, you realize that faith and trust are just the perfect weapon to use against fear.
it's like they were made to combat each other!
oh wait.  they were!
you are gonna laugh at me when i tell you where i am so afraid to move....
but, i am sure you can understand that change can be scary, even in paradise.
so please join me in singing our 2012 family christmas song...

and while enjoying our favorite voice of christmas, please enjoy these pictures of my people at the beach.
their happiest place on earth.

i know, i know
we'll be FINE.
we'll be a family.
we'll be a beach family, for now.
(we actually already sorta are)
and after living 33 years in Southern California, this little momma with be making her family a home in Hawaii.

(for my own personal feelings of safety, if you want to talk about which island and city we are relocating to, will you please email instead of comment?
once i am there and feeling comfortable, i will share more, ok?)


  1. i was wondering when you were gonna make this public. what do the reed kids think? i am so excited to watch you guys begin this adventure. and i love what you said about faith & trust-- yep. i kinda needed to hear that today.
    oh and thanks a WHOLE LOT for putting the bing crosby song in my head a whole month or more early.
    ummmm, it's gonna drive me crazy.

  2. whoa!! exciting news!! i'll be praying for yall's move. :-)

  3. I am really excited for you! How fun for you all, and the memories (and pictures!) to be made there...I can hardly wait to see!

  4. I knew something like this was coming; I could just feel it in your most recent posts. I'm excited for you and a little sad too knowing that leaving whats familiar behind can be scary. But you'll be together as a family. "Where you go, I will go..." Love you, Shauna. Here's to a new adventure! :)

  5. Wow! That is big, exciting news! Can't wait to watch this adventure unfold for you guys!

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  7. Awesome! We were stationed in Hawaii for 3 years and it's an amazing place to raise kids in the sushine every. single. day. Even when it rains the sun is shining, hence all the rainbows! I'm sure you've already researched but the public schools there are the pits, other than that it will be great!

  8. All the best with your move. When I read across a big ocean I wondered if by some small chance you were heading our way (NZ, for no particularly good reason). Not quite that far. What a great adventure for your family. I moved every 2 years of my life until moving to where I currently live 8 years ago. I have struggled with not moving. It is nice to feel settled and whilst every move is hard in many ways, there is also excitement and so many new opportunities, experiences and friends to be had. With staying put and not moving I often wonder what opportunities I am missing out on, so always feel some excitement when I hear of other people embarking on a new adventure. I love the way you catpture people and moments with your photos. The ones here are delightful, yet again. Cx

  9. Wow!!! That is amazing and incredible and exciting and scary all at the same time!!
    I don't think it's silly at all to feel the way you do.
    I've never lived anywhere else either so it would be crazy for me too!
    But watching you on this adventure will be freeing and maybe prepping for me one day too.
    I just have this feeling God is gonna call us away.
    I can't quite put my finger on it... But feel something.
    And it scares the crap out of me!
    Ok... Enough about me!!! Ack!
    I'll be praying for you and your family that it'll go so well.
    Praying you'll make some new and amazing connections too.
    Major hugs to you, even though I know you're not a 'hugger'!
    So excited for you!!!!

  10. NO WAY! this is such fun news, shauna!
    i will be praying for you guys for sure!
    how exciting!!!
    and is it weird that i love that song and sing it year round whilst my children plug their ears and say, "nooooooo, mom!" :) now i'll think of you on the sandy beaches with warm hawaiian breezes!

  11. Please don't go. I'll eat you up, I love you so!

  12. Please don't go. I'll eat you up, I love you so!

  13. extremely exciting news shauna.

  14. So excited for you guys! We're gonna get some amazing photo eye candy! HA! Annnnd....that song is my all time favorite...it is sung at our house every Christmas as well! Believing with you for a supernaturally smooth move and transition! Way to say yes, lady!!!!

  15. How exciting! I hear it's a wonderful place to live! Safe travels and prayers to your family to get there, be happy and settle in!

  16. Oh, wanted to add, if you haven't heard it, look up the song "Christmas Island", it's so sweet. My oldest did a tap routine to it when we lived in Hawaii and she took dance class.

  17. WOW! that is awesome!!!
    i can only imagine the emotional roller coaster you have been on
    but girl, you got this. it's hawaii!! woot woot!!
    i'm so excited for you.. slightly jealous but more excited! :)

  18. That's huge! Can't wait to follow along on this next part of your story, friend!

  19. Hello Shauna, i should just email you but we have a mutual friend {megan} and she told me you were moving here to Hawaii. I'm on Kauai....so don't know if i can answer any q's for you but it's pretty amazing here. on kauai i mean;-)

  20. how exciting for your family.

    my b.i.l. and his family moved to maui two years ago. i thought they were crazy at the time. now i think they are awesome for going after something they were passionate about (and because visiting them is kind rad).

  21. super great. praying for a smooth transition! xo

  22. I cant wait for all the pictures!!!
    And as a 36 years living in So al girl, I understand your fear of change.
    I long for it, yet I am terrified of it.
    Bravo to you for taking a HUGE step of faith and following where God leads.
    Bon Voyage!
    Love from,