lovely little lady's room

life is truely lovely in little ella's room....
come on in,
pull up a little stool,
and get ready to twirl in front of the mirror (with or with out beads...your choice)
she and i have had so much fun making this space hers. 
i have never experienced anything like this with my boys.
she is just as into it as i am.
hanging up her plastic beads with care and choosing just the right lamp.
i hung the garland one night when she slept so she'd wake up to a "party"...
she calls her bed a "party bed"
since isn't that why you hang garland?
{the AWSOME fabric covered frame was inspired by amy's post.
thanks for the inspiration...always, amy.}
{the bedding is from TJ Maxx/ Homegoods.}
one of the main ideas she had (i did not even suggest it!)
is that there would be a mirror for her to twirl and twirl in front of....
and that little mirrored area is her favorite part of her room, i think (besides the pink sheets).
she is finding many uses for that mirror.

including, but not limited to, twirling...
and twirling....
and twirling....
how lovely.

(i have to add that the bed was found on craigs list by my cutie friend, julie. (i heart you, julie)
she was generous enough not to scoop it up herself, but share the listing with me!
she new i was looking for one and was a "non-craigs-lister".
so now i have an amazing bed...and i didn't even have to paint it since the color went perfectly with our color scheme! yay! yay! yay!)

i have been saving this for linking up to
my girl, heather's famous
life made lovely monday.

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  1. holy moly! miss ella's room is delicious! and you aren't kidding- julie really is a GOOD friend to not scoop that beauty up. we're working my girls room this week. she's turning two on saturday so she's getting a big girl room. all the decorating is keeping me from being sad that she's already so darn big.
    p.s. fabric covered frame! totally genius. i'm doing that tonight.

  2. Wowsers! I just love it - the party bed is amazing - and that mirror... oh how my girls would love a mirror like that. Well done you!

  3. that is pretty awesome!!! Love it!!! She is a lucky lady...who wouldn't like to dress like a princess, look at herself in the mirror and have tea parties all day? :)
    ok I would....

  4. What a perfect room! I would have LOVED that room as a little girl! Super cute :) I love the craigslist bed. It definitely adds the perfect touch.

  5. OMG, can i live here too?! Love the yellow bed :)

  6. im movin in okay? no but seriousl, youre darling and your kiddos are so lucky to grow up in such a fun, creative environment, this room is perfection!!! xoxoxo

  7. That room is a dream! I want to live there:) We just moved my youngest DD into her own bedroom this weekend and its a blank canvas. I cant wait to get going on adding color, mixes of old & new...and your pictures make me want it done NOW!:)
    I cant say it enough.... I LOVE your blog!!!!

  8. That is such a sweet, fun room!!! LOVE it!!

  9. This has got to be the most amazing girls room I've ever seen! I'm moving in June and I'm so excited to decorate my little girl's room(who is turning three)! I can't wait to use some of your inspiring ideas(the dress up center is fabulous)!
    I'm a new follower of your blog, love it:)

  10. OMG, the cutest! what a sweet room and a what a sweet peanut that lives there...

  11. what a happy space you both created! just adorable - i want a 'party' garland for my bed too!! :)

    popp'n over from heather's - i shared about my little guys room:



  12. Cute room! I love it! Did you make the bedding ?

  13. Oh my cuteness!! I adore the mirror and the bedding....adorable. Also love the rod to hang up her dress up clothes! Brilliant!

  14. such a sweet, special little place for your girl. love the bold colors. the huge flowers on the window shades?? i'm dying! good work, mama! :)

  15. beyond incredible. the "hello sunshine"- what is that? details please? and the fabric wrapped frames- totally stealing, i mean copying, that idea... and the fact that you hung the garland while she was sleeping- such a fun mommie! and the fact that she asked for the mirror so she could twirl- it's so innate in little girls that i have a hard time believing it. so beautiful, so perfect.

  16. i would live there. what a special place for her! LOVE.

  17. this room is so adorable, so is your little girl!!! where is your bedding from?

  18. This is my favorite! I can't believe you found that smashing bed on CL. Also, methinks Ruby could use a twirling mirror... ;)

  19. That pennant garland is awesome. I just painted scallops in my girls' room, and I love this idea too! Such a special place for her to grow up in.

  20. What a lucky girl! I am now following you.

    I have a giveaway on my blog. $38 + free shipping from busy little hands to select any of her embelished backpacks for kids.All you have to do is leave a comment.There are totes for mom and kids too!


  21. oh how sweet! i love that it is a party bed :) and how in the round world have i never seen your blog?

  22. What a lovely room! And, a true Mommy-Daughter-Joy connection! LUV the Poppies in the bedding and I, too want to know about the big flowers on her roman shade!!

  23. cannot handle the cuteness.
    i am going to stay with rachel but i want to plan to do something with you and leslie and whoever else friday night or saturday!!

  24. It makes "MY HEART SING" Thank you for sharing.

  25. Oh I am in so much love! What an absolutely perfectly delightful little girl's room!!! I love that she twirls in front of her very own mirror! She is precious! Gotta love our girls :)

  26. i was wondering how everyone was so lucky on craigslist.....but it all leads back to julie!
    that bed is AMAAAAAzing.
    love her sweet room!

  27. This room is AWESOME!!!! Love the bed, love the fabric bunting/canopy, love the princess dresses hanging on the wall. LOVE it all!

  28. amazing job, mama! It's perfect...

  29. that bed is amazing! the garland just tops it off too doesn't it? I have a daughter who when she was Ella's age would have LOVED to live in that room...just lovely!!

  30. I just love everything single thing about this lovely little room! Everything. I love the 'party bed'!

    Great job ladies!

  31. I love ella bellas new room. You did a great job girlie!! Love the bed, and the garland with pom poms, but I think my favorite is the bar with all of her dress-up dresses hanging, and the twirl mirror. I'm totalling stealing these ideas for miss natalie's room!! You did great chicky!!

  32. Where to start with this room? Seriously. Maybe I will just move in. Would you make me an awesome room, too? : ) I LOVE the bed, that yellow is perfect! The banner, the mirror, the big flowers...all of it. You did a fantastic job! Oh and the pom poms, I love the pom poms!

  33. Wow, this is lovely! I can't get enough of the pennant bed. It's just gorgeous! I stumbled your post and featured it on today's Wednesday's Wowzers. Here is the link:


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. wow this is like a little girl's dream come true. I am so in love with her her room :o) It looks girly, but like a room a girl would love at any age.

  35. This room is radtastic and sweet- the perfect mix of princess and punch. I adore the happy colors and the sweetness of all things girly. My daughter would love this space. :)

  36. my favorites are the sweet bunting & the initial plaques - so inspiring!!!