'round here

i am trudging right along.
doing my job.
just like you are.

not much to report over here.


but look what reedo and i did...

"lucky" did that and then look pictures of them and left them on the breakfast table with a big pot 'o gold...they took the pictures to school to show their friends.


i am doing my best at the 40 bags deal.
trying to stay on top of it with out getting too stressed and ruining it.
here are some moments...

(yep. i just posted my underwear drawer on the internet. i am classy.)

and the strawberries are finally making their way to being ripe.
they aren't cheap, but they are SO GOOD.
a highlight of my spring and summer.
we go to the stand every friday between now and july.
keep on going friends.
and get yourself some strawberries.
you won't regret it.


  1. precious pictures of your babies. gorgeous. the st. patty's day glasses are a hoot!
    i am excited about blogsugar. i hadn't thought about being intimidated, more just being able to remember everyone's a) name b) stories c) blogs.
    it's going to be a blast!
    wish i could get a tummy tuck before then.
    do you want me to send you heaven is for real?
    p.s.--thanks for the complement. it will last me a whole week. makes me feel special.

  2. Oh how I miss fresh, roadside, locally grown strawberries! That was a highlight of my Springs/Summers in CA.

  3. haha - love the pics of the kids you took while they were sleeping - you guys are awesome!

  4. i made an attempt at the 40 bags project..even took some pics !! I only made it to day 2 then I got tired..you are inspiring. I am a strawberry lover myself !!

  5. shut it! i've been meaning to get to the strawberry stand for 2 weeks now! darn 40 day thing keeping me indoors. you are classy, btw, cause aren't black bras the foundation of the classy? haha. first pic of ty is the best.

  6. Hooray for strawberries! Although we just got buried again last night with another bad snowstorm(looking at 10" PLUS ice...yuck)here in NY, we found some great strawberries here at Sams Club a few nights ago. Theyre HUGE and were only $3.98 for a huge tub of them!
    Oh and I think you're awesome...posting your undie drawer. Yours looks alot more colorful than mine:) So be affirmed!
    Have a great day!

  7. Just so you know, I love posts like this-- the "nothing much going on here, just normal life" kind of posts. Thanks for sharing. And my boys LOVE strawberries as well. Our farmers markets won't open until next month (not that they'll have strawberries) but we are supporting our "local" Sam's Club and keeping ourselves stocked in our favorite fruit!

  8. strawberries ARE so expensive, and my boys eat 3 baskets at a time...but they are so good for them so whatever right?
    your kiddos are seriously so cute..and the sleeping pics with the glasses on made me laugh out loud...did they laugh when you showed them the pics?
    funny stuff!


  9. Oh man, those look good. We won't have strawberries around here for a few months, not fresh ones anyway. I had to laugh at the underwear drawer, oh well, we are already putting all of our business out here anyway, right? ; ) At least it wasn't Reedo's underwear drawer.

  10. we just got our first batch of strawberries for the year this week. yum! when did miss ella's hair get so fab? it looks so sweet. i cannot wait until my girl grows more hair! right now she's sporting either the toddler mullet or a rat's nest. either way i'm not really digging it. ;)

  11. ok....so heres the thing.......i just found your blog,and last night i stayed up very late,don't realy know how i found you,i just know that i have spent ALL night reading and reading while my 5 littles (well the newborn,not soo much;)were sleeping.All the while my hubby asking over and over when i will come to bed...well it is 11:25 am and ya...never made it.I did manage to get my 2 oldest off to school and feed the other 3 ,so no worries;)i just want you to know i adore you and your heart,your love for our savior the love of your family,your humility,your picture taking,your style your overall general awesomness.I am so greatfull to have found you,oh wait maybe i do know how i found you..your blog is just what my soul needed and well,that savior i mentioned knows me pretty well;)i just wish i did'nt find you during lent in which i gave up coffee...yes i know 5 kids,no sleep,and no liquid gold...uggh:)

  12. we love strawberries, too. my favorite part of spring. and the ONLY fruit or veggie my youngest will eat - we're working on that... kind of? sometimes i think she may turn into a strawberry.

  13. underwares need a little exposure too. just embrace their glorious entry on the intranet.

  14. Your tupperware/whatever drawer looks amazing. Just awesome. Loved this post!