"be it unto me"

this is a passage taken from elizabeth elliot's "let me be a woman".
it is speaking to my feminine soul today.

"Wind, weather, and tide fulfill His word. It is a calming, steadying thing to know there is a word for us as well. 
Psalm 144:12 says, 
"May our daughters be like corner pillars cut for the structure of the palace."  
Pillars uphold and support.  This is a woman's place, and all of us need to know what our place is and be put in it.  The command of God puts us where we belong.  We know our "creatureliness," our dependence."
"If there is a command for us we know we are recognized.  We know that we fit into God's universe, we know our relation to the rest of mankind, to the family, and if we have one, to a husband.  Meekness, I believe, is the recognition of that place....to be meek is to have a sane and proper estimate of one's place in  the scheme of things... It is a sense of proportion."
"...as a pillar is cut and shaped to fit into a particular place, and carry a specified weight, it is by that cutting and shaping differentiated and limited.  It is that very differentiation and limitation that that pillar has to offer.  So with us.  We've been cut to a certain size and shape to fulfill a certain function.  It is this, not that.  It is a woman's offering, not a man's, that we have to give."

"Mary is the archetype of human self-giving.  When told of the awesome privilege which was to be hers as the mother of the Most High, her response was total acceptance.  "Behold the handmaid of the Lord.  Be it unto me according to Thy word."  She might have hesitated because she didn't want to go though life being known only as somebody's mother.  She might have had her own dreams of fulfillment.  But she embraced at once the will of God. "

oh that i might submit to the Lord and have the humble "be it unto me" attitude in whatever comes my way tomorrow.
elizabeth elliot just speaks my language.


  1. loves....i just loves it...thank you


  2. JUST had dinner with a dear friend in the early stages of a dating relationship and she is freaking about submission, losing herself, her voice, her strength, etc. I linked her to your post. I love God's timing. Also love E.E. <3

  3. oh my gosh. how you married those pics with those words is breathtaking. literally.

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Wow. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. so needed to hear that today!
    and um your pictures are amazing!

  7. these pics are presh. the sun flare, glorious. and the words...yes and amen.

  8. Oh I adore this. Thank you for sharing. Love those images too. Lovely, lovely.

  9. this is so inspirational~ love--and the picts are stunning too:) happy weekend~

  10. this is a hard prayer to pray.