mom's closet

first of all, you need to understand the context of my closet.
you need to understand the level of orderliness that i am surrounded by.
you thought my garage was clean....but it is not really my garage.
and if you think reedo's garage is clean, you should see his closet.
(i won't even mention his car...oh i guess i just did...well, it's clean too).
check him out.
i don't think i need to tell you that it makes me feel a bit...disheveled at times.
and like a hot mess the other times (i have been waiting and waiting to use that term "hot mess"! whatdoyathink? did i pull it off!?).
but i won't let it get me down.
i am ok with myself.
and here is my closet before....
come on!!
not that bad, right?
so i worked for about an hour and a half with one tea party sing-a-long break....
and came up with this.

and then,
my closet looked like this!
pretty great right?
please note that i do have two red belts that have bow on them...that is very strange.
i guess i like red bow belts.
so i kept them. both.
cause who doesn't need two bow belts in red?
i can't wait to get dressed tomorrow!


  1. perfect use of hot mess! and cheers to order! yes. good job. love the red bow belts. think i could pull it off?

  2. OK yeah if my hubby kept his closet like that... wow, I have no words. But you did a great job. Can I come play in your closet? :) Oh and Im totally lusting over that brown bag/purse in your closet. ITs MINE if you decide to rid of it:)

  3. You totally pulled off "hot mess"....completely in context! And, my closet looked the same as yours until last weekend. It was like going shopping rediscovering all my clothes! I seem to have a thing for black sweaters....

  4. hahaha..my husbands closet looks like that too...while mine looks like a bomb went off....i feel you...good job! And others will benefit from your cleaned up "hot mess"....:)

  5. love those belts! i wouldn't part with one of them either!

  6. that is just like me and craig!!
    he is super neat and organized.
    i am not.
    like even last night he sweetly said "meg...before this weekend....could you please....clean our room?" that was brave. because really he never knows how i will react. will i go nuts and have a fit saying that NO ONE helps me clean up and this is my room too. or like last night i said "sure"
    and i looked around and it's not bad but apparently to him it is.

    his car is PERFECT. not a speck of dust.

    we won't talk about mine.

  7. seriously, this is me and my husband exactly. i would rather create something than clean something...hello!

    you rocked the organization...

  8. dibs on your second red bow belt. (come on. i was the first bow lady after mom.)
    and double, no TRIPLE dibs on you saving that bag of give a ways for me to pick through in july. (i'll even take what i don't want to godwill FOR YOU.)

    have i mentioned that i love you?
    and that you're very very pretty?


  9. Yes, yes, your closet WAS a hot mess! and now it's not : ) and just for the record, i am really intimidated by Reedo. really. that is just sooo perfect. and i love "artistic"--that's me too, that's totally why i am not more organized and don't remember anything !