weekend happy

hello friends.
i'm so happy it's the weekend, are you?
this week has been full of important things.
i started my 40 bags project (4 bags down).
i started my two giant boys in karate....so so crazy....they are so grown up.
(yes i am taking pictures today, so you will see that adorableness soon)
i have been working on ella's room that is coming together so well!
i can't wait to show you!
i am saving that loveliness  up for life made lovely monday, dude.
i got some "new" antiques last weekend at a flea market and so i have been fixing them up and incorporating them into our deal....i've just been working really hard on our house and home!
i kinda need a break.
one of my favorite finds last sunday was this little lovely butter warmer...
i know we're goofy.
i just love that baby.
reedo is gettin' off early this afternoon to see the karate excitement(yay!)
and then off to my favorite...chili's (are you pickin' up the sarcasm? maybe i can convince them to go to the yummy italian place by the karate studio....not likely)
but then he and i have an afternoon date tomorrow!
i love those!
hope you are planning something relaxing and happy this weekend!


  1. who picked chili's? Cause thats where my husband and kids always wanna go! We have to take one for the team right? hahaha
    You two are so cute this morning....she will remember those goofy moments forever! Good mama!! Have a great date afternoon and good luck on the 40 bags!

  2. oooh an afternoon date, fun! oh the karate pictures are gonna be so cute, can't wait for that. i've thought about putting my little guy in karate or something like it...burn off energy and have fun? yes, please! : ) i can't stand it, i wanna see the pictures of ella's room and that bed and..all of it! you might just have to go to my post today where i put my cell phone # out there for all the world (and weirdos) to see and text me a pic so i don't have to wait until monday ; ) have a great weekend! got two bags of JUNK out of my own house today...wahooo!

  3. Your pics are so cute. I'm not hoping for a relaxing weekend at all. I'm hoping for a baby! But that will be happy, indeed. :)
    Have fun on your date!!!

  4. that butter warmer is rad!
    i can't wait to see ella's room!

  5. chili's? sounds like my hubby and oldest son picked the dinner spot. I keep talking about and thinking about your 40 bags in 40 days...i so bad need to do it!! motivate me please. so super excited to see Ella's new bed !

  6. we're having a date tonight too... okay an at home date after the baby goes to bed... but it still counts! :) Have fun!

  7. Ooo, so jealous of the date - enjoy!! (I so need one of those!) Happy weekend to you :)

  8. you shouldn't drink melted butter. (i'm so entertained by my own self right now) i did want to say congrats on the FAITH BLOGS thing!!

  9. I cant wait to see your girlie's room. hurry up Monday!

  10. you pretty little ladies you. and dying over cake and cotton. heather did reaaaaalllly good. love, love, love it.

  11. Can't wait for Monday to see your loveliness!

    Also, hope you will keep us posted on the 40 in 40, I so love the idea!

  12. Great, now I am convinced I HAVE TO have a butter warmer ASAP. How have I not even known that butter warmers exist? Can't wait to see Ella's room!!