photos and the craziness that it takes to get them...

some interesting facts about these photos:

um. have you noticed ella's lips before?
they are so so so amazing.
but the BEST time for her lips is right after naptime...which is when we i decided to trespass on private property and do this 7 minute long photo shoot.
7 minutes...or so.
that was how much time we had before that lovely sun slipped down behind the hills....
check out those "after nap lips" baby!

the photos below, with jake and ella, cost me a small sprite at in-n-out and a promise of double wii time.
not a bad bargain.
especially since i was probably gonna let him get sprite for dinner anyway and also factoring in that i am in charge of how much wii time he gets so whatever time i say can be considered double...
yes.  i am getting good with the bribing people.
and look what i got...

i had a hard time getting any shots of just jake and ella since ty kept popping up with that R.

i didn't want to be too harsh with my sweet little middle child so i took a few of just him.
instead of snapping, "ty! get out of the picture!"
that little guys is so sweet!
he just really wanted to hold that R.

ok. believe it or not, i STILL have more laundry to do.
even though i spent hours folding last night while i watched one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies.
gone with the wind.
i am gonna read the book again.
i haven't read it since 8th grade.

i may have a few more photos coming soon...i can apparently take a lot of shots in 7 minutes.


  1. haha - I must try the bribing thing. Awesome after nap lips alright - sooo cute. Love your photography!!

    p.s. do you have a button? I totally want to show off your blog to others! xoxo

  2. that is mighty impressive that you got all of those great shots in seven little minutes! It usually takes me about 500 pictures to get a handfull of good ones! Maybe I'll have to try the bribing thing to see what kind I can get in seven minutes!

  3. I love these shots!! I love your blog too! Just came over from a trip to Faith Blogs and The Wiegands. I'll be back!!

  4. those are precious nap time lips! beautiful 7 minute photo shoot.

  5. sweet pictures. yay for the middle child! i am one myself.

  6. Oh Shauna, these are totally worth getting busted or a ticket for trespassing and whatever else you risked! I love ells'a lips and have noticed them before...that's what everyone is paying for! : ) these pictures are gorgeous and how cute is ty with the R? and just 7 minutes!?? you are good, mama! i love it when things totally work out like that!

  7. those lips! i need a lip plumper. have you heard of that lip gloss called mother pucker? LOL. sounds bad, but can be found at target. but it works...just sayin.

    your pics are adorable!

  8. ha ha! that must be reedo signed in as me on his ipad!

  9. She has great lips. What a cutie.
    Thumbs up on the 7 min. shoot.
    The photos are beautiful.

  10. That first picture is timeless.
    Annnnnnd I have read gone with the wind only once. At 16 - lying in my bed bawling and feeling that to feel so deliciously sad was the coolest grown up feeling I had ever felt. I never knew a book could do that. I know your time re-visiting it will be great!

  11. ooooh! so cute! can't wait to see more!

    i love when i have my swollen lips after i get up! numb lips! i get it first thing in the morning and after naps. kinda like how i love my tummy first thing in the morning bc it's the skinniest?! ha ha ha!

  12. it's crazy to see everything so green.
    it's DEAD here.

    these are lovely.
    every one of them.