we went a (small) adventure.
it may have involved parking in a remote area,
climbing a fence
and me laying in wet grass...

i also have 7 baskets of laundry to fold.
i am allowing myself to edit 4 photos of my adventure and share them.
then i MUST do my real job.
then maybe 4 more tomorrow?
you are gonna love them.
love. them.
here is the preview....


  1. sahweeeet! These are GREAT SHOTS!!!!
    What a cute adventure :)

  2. ok - they are seriously stunning shots!! More more... will be back to check tomorrow after I've folded my laundry ;)

  3. beautiful... kind of had to laugh because I allowed myself to edit four photos tonight too, before I got back to my real job ;)!

  4. i gave you a shout out on my blog for being amazing :) and these pics are a perfect example...am-azing!

  5. Stopping my stalking....just wanted you to know I love the photos of the house....and those kiddos are pretty darn cute too!

  6. Beautiful! I have a fancy camera but sad, sad skills. And end up using my lame camera phone 80% of the time. You are inspiring me!

  7. you always make me smile.thank you for your sweet comment, it really made my morning :) i love these pictures and your adorable kiddos and i love your new bright and cherry springy blog look. PS: are you going to blog sugar?! i'd sure love to meet you ;)