prizes and collages and an inspiration request

i have been getting a steady stream of treats in the mail ever since i won danielle's amazing giveaway!
these are just a few....
there is one photo of my arms full of packages(see it down there?)
i took it in the mirror as i was walking in from collecting the mail.
i actually took a few.
the first one few looked kinda....relaxed.
for this photo i sucked my stomach in so hard that i may have pulled a muscle...just being honest.
don't you think it would be funny/shocking to see all the "throw away" photos we take when we are just trying to get one good photo of ourselves?
i'd have A LOT of reeeeallllly ugly photos, wouldn't you?
i have the funniest process of getting a good angel of myself....
i'm a real piece-a-work.

as you can see, i am trying to learn how to make collages on my new computer.
i am trying not to loose my patience and just be ok with not being great at it yet.
i do like to be good at things right away, so it is a....challenge.
i promise to get better.

i am also having a sorta rough time blogging lately (again?)
i just go through weird phases.
sometimes i have no idea what to share.
and sometimes i am overwhelmed with a need to put myself out there.
i need inspiration.
does anyone have any questions for me that i could answer?
or ideas for anything you have been wondering about me?


  1. thats a lot of cool stuff! I saw you won that giveaway and I was totally jealous...hahaha
    hmmm...I would like to know where you buy your decorations...do you go antique shops or buy online? whats going on with tidBIt? I would love to come buy something...are you on etsy?
    xoxo hope that helps..:)

  2. NICE HAUL! Holy cow you cleaned up! Wish I were involved in that giveaway :)

    Well since I'm new here, there are a lot of things I'd love to find out. But I guess I could go into the archives if really necessary. How did you and Reedo meet (and Reedo, is that a legit name!? What nationality is that!?)

    I might have more... that's all for now.

  3. I would love to know if you have already posted a home tour? Im new to your blog but from the few posts Ive seen thus far, I know Im dying to see more of your house. It looks amazing!
    So have you already done this?

  4. Who are your favorite bloggers ?? And what kind of camera do you shoot with ??

  5. Hi. You don't know me. I can't remember how I found your blog but your photos and projects are awesome! I know what you mean about blogging phases. I'm right there with ya. Sometimes wanting to say nothing, sometimes probably wanting to say way too much. Anyway, I'm starting a poetry series on my blog - have you ever written a poem? Try it! Or just stop by to check out mine :) But really, you should try it!

  6. Maybe some advice for newer bloggers? Insight on how to network/branch out without looking crazy? :)

  7. i vote for a HOME TOUR. as well :)

    i love all your goodies and so glad you were the lovely winner!

    you do not have to suck in - you skinnie minnie

    i go thru the same stages with blogging.

    love to you!

  8. This one may be pushing too many buttons (I hope not), but I'm wondering what it's been like raising a daughter without having your momma around. I've still got my mom for now, but I'm nervous about that.

  9. Ahhhhaaaaahhhh!! i love the comment about Reedo! and i love that u call him that even more. write about your kids think of reedo's bike riding. I recently found outhe was riding, and i love all the cute photos of the kids watching him race.
    love u shauna na.

  10. I'm own a flower store and am a mom of two young kids, so it always intruiges me that you were a florist. How long did you work with flowers for? How did you get in to it? What was your favorite thing about being a florist?
    Love your blog :)