if i had today off...

if i had today off, to do whatever i wanted, i'd....

go shopping at anthropologie and try this on.

go to the bookstore and get this book....i think...if i am not too afraid.

while i was gone, i'd have a nice electrician guy install this.

if i could snap my fingers and be anywhere, i might stop by this shop or this one. (these two shops have the same name!!....they are both really awesome)

and visit one of my favorite blogger friends that live in different states than i do...like Amy or Danielle or Meg or Heather....or even out of country like Kristy.

i'd go antiquing with Joy in beautiful sunshine, and maybe have a lemonade in her kitchen.

i'd go pick up up this sister and we'd go to Bend and visit this sister and eat here.

this is a very extensive dream, huh?

ahhh, it's just a dream....off to walmart.

well, i am linking this dream up with Cherish at Kiwi Freckles today....
check out her link love today.


  1. Shauna- I love this post and not just because my name is in big red letters, I sware : ) I had to go through all of your links....the skirt would be adorable on you, i want to read that book too, love that light!!!!, i would love to meet up with the people on your list too BUT if you visited me you know the Red Velvet shops are in Missouri about 4-5 hours from me so we could totally drive there! : ) I am hoping to make a road trip there this summer. I need to do one of these posts, love this!

  2. how i have i lived so long without seeing that fabulous kitchen????? it's amazing!! i can't wait to go looking around that blog more. thanks for turning me onto it friend.
    have a happy walmar trip ;)

  3. I think I would like to move into that kitchen please. WOW! Beautilful!
    We go through Bend a lot. My in-laws live near there. We actually will probably be heading that way for Spring Break. I'll have to make sure we stop in there for a bite! The menu looks good!
    Have a wonderfully dreamy weekend!

  4. I think that is a wonderful dream, and Jackson's corner...yum! love it there!

  5. you are too adorable. thanks for reminding me i need to link up with cherish. have a rockin' weekend!

  6. Oh gosh. Stop reading my mind! I had this very dream last night. Except in mind, that glorious kitchen was my own. A girl can dream, right?

  7. so fun...dream a little dream. maybe one of these days, crazy stuff like that will happen. i mean, you've already been the freakin' grammy's!

  8. Great post, enjoyed sharing your dream day xoxo

  9. I love these links I want to go to the red velvet shops too! they look so so awesome!
    That skirt from anthro is to die for
    and of course you already knew I LOVE Joy's kitchen!! :)
    thanks for linking up Shauna!

  10. I love your list. And that skirt, I would be there too, when I have a waist again.

    Your blog is lovely and I'm glad I'm here!

  11. Very cute and fun!

    I am pairing up with Shabby Apple...I am giving away a cute little girls dress!
    Come on over-
    Sandy Toe

  12. I loooooooooove your linky list... and you are most welcome to come and visit me anytime!! ;)

  13. Fun stuff!!! I LOOOVE that kitchen.
    Happy Weekend