grammy update

ok! ok!
here is my lowdown on grammy overnight 2011.
the way i get to go to the grammy's is not AS fancy as you may think...
i am just the "stay at home mommy" wife of a hardworking, super good at his job guy at verizon wireless.
one of the things verizon does for it's big customers is invite special ones to join them at a great catered box at the grammy's.  we are the hosts (and i get to be included in "we" because of marriage).
so, it is really fun and nice.
but still kinda work for my darlin' reedo.
so a tiny bit stressful for me too.
don't get me wrong, i had a great time....it's just not the same as getting your own tickets for a concert and being on your own, ya know?

see in the back of this below picture?
that's the stage.
and right in front is where all the famous people sit....
so i didn't REALLY get close to any one famous.
oh, accept crystal bowersox (spelling?) you know that american idol girl with the dreads?
i almost brushed up against her shoulder....

it was a great show!
i, of course, LOVED mumford and sons.
but i also enjoyed the aretha franklin tribute and muse and barbara and one of the most impressive was mick jagger! he is so tiny! and old! but had the most energy out of any of them!
i am sure you all know....
we all saw it, i just happened to be there.

after the show we went up the special party on top of staples center.
yummy food and my favorite....
an AMAZING "candy bar"
tables and tables of candy and cakes and treats.
reedo and i were so funny grabbing candy necklaces and giant suckers for the kids and putting them in his jacket.
so classy.

they were also passing out tons of fancy drinks up there.
i had a few and then started talking a lot.
to people i didn't know.
and this girl wanted to be friends with me.
she jumped into my photo at the last minute.
i think we will be friends forever.

it was a funny, good night.
i am glad i went.
i like hanging out with my husband.
and we got to hang out at the grammy's....cool.


  1. cracking up at the girl jumping in your picture!! so funny! Awesome that you and Reedo get that opportunity, and your hair looks super cute all wavy!! :) love all of this!

  2. i had a random girl come up to me in a club once and say, "i'm drunk. wanna be my friend?!" it's natural, lol. glad you had a fun time, that would have been an awesome place to be!

  3. That picture with the random girl is so funny....doesnt that always happen after you have a few drinks? I mean...she had a tongue ring! LOLS No matter how you get there...its rocks....Im sure your kids loved the pics of the candy!!! Good for you!!!

  4. Wow. I know its an event most of us "regular people" would never get to attend but I cant help thinking I would've felt completely out of place there anyways. Glad you guys had a good time. You're a beautiful couple:)

  5. SOO Fun!

    I laughed at that last photo - what a FUN FUN night!!!

    Congrats to your husband for working so hard that THIS gets to be another 'duty' of the job. ;)

    Such a fun experience - loved the post - I'm a frequent reader and sometimes commenter .... but always anxious for your next post. :)


  6. You were a super fun date! I forgot about the girl that hijacked your picture...classic.

  7. yous hot, mama.

    i love your couple drinks that made you start talking more. made a drink on vday with my man and was falling asleep by the time i finished it. baahah

    candy bar = yes please.

  8. you should have given her your blog address. she's into your program. i think it's the wavy hair....looks a little WILD. ;)

  9. you are a rock star! awesome.
    i would love that night.
    really really love.
    you look beeeatuiful.

  10. You looked beautiful! What fun! I bet your kids will forever be telling the story about how you brought them candy necklaces from a post-Grammys party! I know I would tell that story a lot!

  11. looks like an awesome time. you are so pretty!