just a peek...

i found a beauty.
she is my new favorite.
i have a few more photos of her, but not enough time to edit.
here are my two favorite.

i thought i'd torture you and not even show you what color she is....
but if you know me 
and know what my wall color is 
and know what my favorite color combo is....
then you already know....

i spent too much time organizing and editing my 365 photos....but i am UP TO DATE!
and i will share soon....


  1. beautifully photographed. you must live in an older home to have such a wide baseboard. pretty.
    our home was built in 1950. and, hi!

  2. i found one of these at the country living fair last year and was so excited. it took me a year to find one! i love it :) i havent been brave enough to paint it yet, so i cant wait to see what you do!!!

  3. hey chick~ just found your blog, love your picts, and style~ can't wait to see more of this fab find!

  4. super cute pics. for reals. LOVE.