no heat curls (shauna reed style)

i didn't invent this.

but i have seen it done and then i have experimented with how it works for me.
this is what i have found  and my funny little way of communicating how to do your hair like i do every day....though video and photos.

step one:
wash and air or blow-dry your hair till it's almost dry....like 95% dry.

step two: watch this (get ready because i talk fast...and repeat myself a lot)

some extra advise:
*the tighter you pull the hair around the headband the tighter the curl.
*i have done this over night lots of times....the longer you leave the headband in the longer the curl/wave stays...
* i've done this on ella and i leave her bangs out....still really cute.

here is some ideas for what to do while waiting for your curls to set....(just in case you are bored or something :)

watch this.
here i am watching it...and maybe sorta crying.

talk to your kids and then make them hold a daffodil so you can take their picture.
the more you do this the more they will get used to it and humor you?

then realize that none of them want to hold flowers for a photo, but they might do some "football photos" cause that's cool!

nothin' like dirty little kids playin' football in their backyard.

then you could try the "do not smile" game to a sad little fella after he has a bit of an emotional melt down about his sister "borrowing" his hat....yes, that's snot.

then ask the kids what they think you should take a picture of...

then give them the gummy worm you were promising them the whole time you were taking pictures...

ps. here is my hair the day after the curl treatment.
no heat waves.
i like it equally as much...



  1. i love this look, but the video says it's private?

  2. aw, the vid didn't work for moi.
    said it's private.
    but i do the no-heat curls ALL THE TIME.
    seriously... i think all the other moms at the bus stop have gotten used to seeing me like that.
    (i.e. with my hair in some weird 30's flapper style)
    but it's SO darn easy.
    and the results are perfecto!
    i wrote about it on my blog a few months back... check it out:

    1. cute! flapper hair is fun!
      i fixed the video, too.
      thanks for the heads up!

  3. SO super cute, girlie! love!! gonna try it tonight!

  4. love it! now to make a cute lil headband to use! I mean, you could run errands like that right? maybe not... I'll have to see how weird I look :) thanks for the comprehensive video! (sorta wish I had some elastic with me now, I'd look super cute in my hospital gown ;)

  5. oh my goodness Shauna, you are just ADORABLE!
    and you may have just changed my life with this! I can't use headbands either and NEVER thought to make my own! a couple of questions:
    did you say you used large ric rac for the headband?
    and just curious why you don't use a curling iron?
    do you think this will work with super long hair?

    thank you so much for sharing,
    you are just as beautiful and witty in video as you are in your posts!

  6. I think that was the awesomest video I've ever seen. I don't know how to do my own hair or make-up but I think I can handle this. Thanks for sharing. :) Can you please make a video on how to apply eyeliner? And your photos rock too.

  7. i want my hair magically long like RIGHT now! :)
    loved the video, you are so gorgeous!
    thank you so much, my daughter is excited to try it now.
    have a wonderful weekend!

  8. talby and i just watched it together and she is stoked to try it on her hair!!!
    i love that there is no curling iron!

  9. Super cute! My hair is just long enough I think! I'll need to make a headband too, lots of us large headed ladies out here! Must go to the craft store for some elastic in the morning so I can do this!! I love that I can do this in the morning while I get ready and have my coffee- not so with a curling iron! Yipee!

  10. my curling iron just blew up so i'm trying this tomorrow!

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    1. oopsy...somehow i deleted my blabbing. this is cute. i don't think i have had my hair done in 6 months. my hubby refuses to buzz it for me. so every day i try to do something to make up for the neglect. usually it ends up in a pony tail. might try this before i wack it all off next week.

  12. Wow, this is awesome! Definitely gonna try this on myself and my 8 year old daughter. Thanks a bunch!! =)

  13. shauna, i just wanted to thank you so much for posting this. my girls have had so.much.fun. doing their hair this way! they have also gotten about a zillion compliments. what a blessing it has been! thank you!

  14. Thanks bunches! I have much shorter hair (three inches below my earlobes) that curls naturally at the bottom sometimes but with a little help looks adorable and this is just what it needed. Much much easier than the way I used to do and more constant results. Additionally just wanted to say cute video, cute site, cute kids!

  15. Shauna, I tried this over the weekend. While riding in the car (riding, not driving! ha! can you imagine!?). My husband thought I was nuts, but then he thought it was cool! Good job hubby. The end results were AHHH-mazing! Even though I had no product and didn't really know what I was doing. Thanks for posting. I will definitely be doing this again!

  16. I do this every time I wash my oldest DD's hair and it is amazing! The little one stole the headband you gave me at BS but the big girl is reaping the benefits of no heat curls:) I love it because her hair is naturally curly but she has a TON of hair so its weighted down and you cant see the curl. This helps bring them out.
    Posted a link to this on my blog post today. Hope you are well!

  17. Thanks for sharing! I can't believe it actually works! I am NOT talented with hair type things but I was able to get it up in 3 minutes ... waited an hour ... and I have curls like I've NEVER had! Thanks for sharing! I'll be doing this a lot now! Just have to get used to seeing myself without straight hair. :o)

  18. Adorable! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  19. you are adorable! i am trying this NEXT!!! can you move across the street instead of hawaii? we have a house available;)

  20. Thanks to Becky above for posting this on IG today. Can't wait to try! My hair is 95% dry right now. Off I go!

  21. just watched this again. :) and did Talby's hair again for tomorrow. loved hearing your voice. that is my favorite part of video blogs... hearing the voices of my friends. makes you not feel so far away.