this is a photo journal of our valentine's day.

(making one for himself...)

(new matchy girls style!)

(got these for my sweethearts, for when i picked them up, and spilled one all over my brand new dress and all in my car....ahhh love!)

(above is my valentine from my one true love)
these last three photos are of the reed families new favorite pass time.
michael jackson wii dance game.
let me just say that i am shockingly good at it...

we did this game for like two hours on valentines night.
and reedo and i kicked our kids butts at it...
and that's what valentine's day is ALLLLL about.

(see my dress? that's from my cutie valentine named reedo!
he speaks my love language. anthropologaneeze)



  1. ok the michael jackson game is so fun i love to play it with my niece's. my boys are currently to cool. :/
    my favorite is smooth criminal.

  2. ooh, ooh, ooh! I was JUST looking at that dress on the anthro website yesterday.... I love it! Can't wait to get a chance to shop without kiddos and try it on!!!!

  3. Now that looks like the most perfect Valentine's day ever!
    We might have to invest in the Michael Jackson wii game...it's good hey? Ok I'm convinced.
    : )
    Super sweet photos!!

  4. Please oh please...where did you find those very cute, very large, vintage valentine hearts???

  5. SUCH a fun family.......! Happy Valentine's Day...love that day! xoxo

  6. i love this whole post! your family is just super precious!