paris dreams

today i'm dreaming of paris.
and it may not be completely unfounded, since i get to visit soon!
i am going to have the chance to travel there with reedo, for a work trip!
i've never been there.
I've never even been anywhere near there!
have you?
any advise?
this is what i am thinking so far (remember i dream in pictures)....

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i am really getting excited.
me and my cute husband off exploring!
oh lord! help me to be able to relax and not just stress about my kids!



  1. so awesome!!!
    and so fun!
    and incredibly romantic!
    i'm jealous... but only mildly so b/c we're going to ITALY in less than 2 months!
    without kids too.
    oy... that's the only hard part... leaving them.
    so... i pray for you while you're gone that it won't be too hard away from them.
    and praying for myself that it'll be the same for me.
    have a great time...
    can't wait to see YOUR pictures of pair-ee!!

  2. I am so completely excited and envious of you! I brought my husband for the first time and I canNOT wait to go back. I actually ache for Paris. It is simply magical...(and hopefully for you too, after that build up...I apologize!)

    Suggestions & MUST-SEE'S:
    - Angelina for breakfast just next to the Tuilleries. Their chocolat chaud is out of this world (dare I say better than Laduree??)
    - Cafe Marley at the Louvre for a croque monsieur and a croque madame. Make reservations because sometimes it is crowded, but to sit and linger on the patio watching the tourists with the love and Tuilleries gardens in your sights...MAGIC.
    - There are 2 Laduree's - one on the Champs and one by La Madeleine. We had a breakfast off the Champs in their back 'bar' and then walked to La Madeleine to get our macarons.
    - Fauchon by La Madeleine is a fun foodie store (there are two adjacent to each other) to pick up a split of champagne, some cheese bites and a demi baguette and walk & sit in the Tuilleries for a picnic.
    - Agatha is a fun jewelry store a few places around Paris (one on the Champs) that is a fun place to bring home a not-super-expensive memory :)
    - Take the train everywhere, have your concierge make reservations for you one night in a neighborhood restaurant where locals go, do a late-night boat cruise of the Seine, walk everywhere and take a MILLION pictures.

    HAVE FUN!! xoxo

  3. Amazing, I am so excited for you! Paris is everything you could imagine it to be. When we visited in 2010, a big highlight was doing a very relaxing and casual dusk bike ride tour! So picturesque and when we went through the Louvre, a cello was playing. It also included a boat tour where we drank wine and enjoyed the marvelous lights of the Eiffel tower. Enjoy the city of Love, Shauna!!

  4. Wow! What a dream! I can't wait to hear about your adventure and see your amazing photos!

  5. You lucky girl! My Eric went right after graduating from high school (with our SPanish club) and I was so insanely jealous. Ive always dreamed of seeing it. I cant wait to see how you capture it in pictures for us:)

  6. oh shauna, i cannot wait to live vicariously through you and visit Paris through your pictures. i can't wait to see how you capture it. so excited for you and yes, you will miss the kids terribly but enjoy this once in a lifetime trip with just Reedo, you are going to have so much fun.

  7. oh my word have so much fun! i've always dreamed of going to paris!

  8. Have a wonderful time! One of my dear friends has been many times and she says the little crepe stand underneath the Eifle Tower has the best available, she suggested the nutella and strawberries. Can't wait to see your impressions through pictures.!

  9. I am off to Paris myself in May..I am going to Scotland to pick up my niece and then we are going for a few days..I have never been. But I will be anxious to see how you make out on your trip and maybe you will have a few suggestions for us...have a blast Cheers Frances

  10. 2 things. You must get a creme brulee from one of the cafes. I'm sure they are all good. And for transportation I see someone already suggested the metro, I 2nd! Last time I was there you could look at a map of the train system (underground where you would board the train) and you push a button and the entire route lights up so you can see exactly where its stops are. Have so much fun! I went with my husband the first time and one of my girlfriends the 2nd time... it was more fun with a girlfriend! :)