color wonder

today i felt inspired to take pictures of the color around me....this is what i found.



  1. lovely and inspiring, as usual. : )

  2. ok girl...you are like so inspiring/cool/fun/adorable.
    1. love all those books...i'm an addict.
    2. i love that giant photo of your girlie...i just got several large prints. is yours just mounted to the wall without a frame?? i need ideas of what to DO with these things now! :)

  3. oh! how i wish i could work color magic like you do!
    i'm just a plain 'ol boring neutral girl, but i definitely love color, too!
    so torn between the two in my house right now!

  4. You have got some seriously great color going on in that home of yours. Way to soak it up! : )

  5. You definitely have an eye for the beautiful! And to think all that is in your house! You lucky duck! :)

  6. hello my name is victor - let me start off by saying im not a werido i would just like to ask you if you are one of the three laxson sisters singing "Down in the river to pray". If so, I'd like to personally thank you and your sisters for an excellent interpretation and moving performance that moves the soul and stirs the listener to reassess his life. Thank you.

    PS - not sure if this was the appropriate means of communication, but this was the only thing I could fine. Have a good day, God bless.

  7. star sprinkles in oatmeal. *happiness*
    downloading that one into my mommy memory to do for my kiddos.

    great images.

  8. Oh, this post is so perfect. I love the colors and the photos.
    A colorful house is the only type of have. Beige be gone!

  9. You are so fun! I wan tot live at your house!!