marshmallow milk and rainy days

i love this weather.
rainy and chilly at just the right time. fall.
in our area seasons tend to mix themselves up,
and i end up sweaty at the pumpkin patch,
or with the kids begging to swim at the pool at Christmas time.
I like when the season FEELS like the season, ya know?
i like them all, in their given timing.

this is what we've been doing:

we got Beauty and the Beast and none of my kids had seen it.
we watched it two times in a row.
stopping in between to listen to the rain pelt our roof.

i made up a new drink.(at least i've never heard of it before, so i am claiming it:)
marshmallow milk.
plain or chocolate.

here's what you do:
  1. warm up your milk, in the microwave, in a mug(i used 2%, but i bet whole would be AMAZING)for a minute
  2. scoop a big spoonful of marshmallow fluff into the warm milk and whisk.
  3. warm it for 30 more seconds.(optional: i did it for mine to be hot and not for Ella's, since her needs to be barely warm)
  4. add Hershey's chocolate syrup, if you want it chocolaty.

i gave it to each of my kids.

each of their responses was the same.


{giant happy eyes.}

{licking their lips.}


ok. a thank you woulda been nice.

but this is good enough.

enjoy your chilly day!


  1. oooh! that sounds yummy! my boy would love that.

    can we talk about your couch for a minute? is it from IKEA? i looks just like mine, which is, but i don't have that yummy grey cover and it looks dreamy in your photo. i want to see more please!

  2. My kids were entranced for 6 months with Beauty and the Beast. It all started with a Broadway soundtrack I had. They've never been so quiet in the car! I loved that they were just as interested in a story told through music. And, I'll have to try the marshmallow milk - it looks delicious!

  3. That sounds AMAZING!!! And that mug is cracking me up :D Oh, and those pillows are darling!

  4. I love your COUCH, it is super cute, that grey is perfect. Gotta try that marshmallow milk...i bet the kids would love it :)

  5. I'll go ahead and thank you for my kids (and me) when we try your marshmallow milk. It's heated up here again, so it may be a few weeks before we try it. :)

  6. I sooo know the feeling about ending up sweaty at the pumpkin patch :( Are you in Arizona?? Our weather has been really rainy too. AND i am going to try marshmallow milk tonight !!

  7. mmmmmmm! I'm so doing this on the next rainy day. LOVED the rain here, didn't you? Sigh - it was so fabulous. Makes me *sorta glad that rain typically isn't an entire month long - because when it rains, I tend to put on layers and get all hermit-y in the house...

    I'm adding Marshmellow Milk to my next rainy day! mmmm!


  8. I think I need to make myself some marshmallow coffee. Then pack it up and come raid the Tidbit cuteness in that closet. Three of every thing please. Pretty, pretty, please. With marshmallow milk on top. We are having Beauty and the Beast and tacos tonight. I can't wait.

  9. ...another reason why I love you.

  10. oh that sounds absolutely DELISH!
    i must try it.
    my kids will go crazy.
    and i decided on craft thursday based on the gumball machine art in the back ground.
    i LOVE it.
    we are making that next! THANKS!
    you rock shauna.
    ps....your music scares me EVERY time i click on your blog! i love it but that first beat always surprises me.

  11. I just found your blog from Meg's Whatever. How have I not seen it before?!? That marshmallow milk sounds so good! I'm giving it a try tonight and I'm sure it will receive three cheers from my boys!

  12. Came over from Meg's ~ as a girl who ate a smore and drank chocolate milk practically every night of my third trimester of pregnancy, I *have* to try this! Yum!! Kelly

  13. Me too... came over from Meg's blog and OMG, don't you love Beauty and the Beast??? We got the new Blu-Rey version and there is even a new song. My daughter is in love with Belle so along with you, we tend to watch it on rainy days too because I'm not sure where you are, but rainy days are rare here and I like to milk them for all they are worth!!

  14. this sounds awesome. i can't wait to try it! YUMMMMM :)