a date with the tiny guy

ty was ready for a haircut.
i was ready for him to get a haircut.
reedo was not ready.
i think reedo lives through ty when it comes to hair :)
so ty and i made it a date.
he got a C3p0 costume for "brian".
then headed over to first cuts to tame his mane.
he was very excited about the rocket.

then he chose chili's for dinner.
*tight smile* chili's...hmph.
but we ordered ribs :) and shared...so it was ok.
and also ty is on this kick of trying new different soups.
he ordered sweet corn chowder.
he was SO ENTHUSIASTIC about everything.
he was so pleased when i told him he could order soda instead of juice, if he wanted.
he easily gave up the idea of dessert, so he could eat his dum-dum from the haircut shop.
he nearly jumped through the roof as many people had to stop and ask him about
he was so sweet.
he loved the date.
and was so thankful. he kept saying so.

i am so in love.


  1. Oh he is adorable, and his haircut looks good! At first I was nervous that you were getting all of his hair cut off, I was relieved to see the after. Love his hair & your guys' style!

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  3. Let me try again... too many typos... hahaha
    Love that C3P got to come along... I couldn't reply to your comment via email because your email wasn't on there... YARN BALLS... No styrafoam here... I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 3 different size whiffle balls... I got 3 packs 6 in each for less than I would have paid for one pack of styrafoam balls... cheap cheap cheap-O tip...

  4. Aw sweet! Mama-son date nights are so great!

  5. "I'm so in love"....yes, I get that! These are adorable future memories!!!

  6. What a fun date! He is so handsome too with that new "do!" :D Loved this one.

  7. That looks like a boys dream come true!!! I love your blog!!!

  8. so cute.I don't know how i ended up here...
    but your blog is fabulous.

  9. best dates ever! especially when they bring their lovies. love that.

  10. Cracking up at C3PO!!!! My girls have been dying to go get their bears and kittens Star Wars costumes. I think they need a date. My tight smile place they always choose? Souplantation. I might need to do some brainwashing...
    P.S. Ditto on the please add your email to your blogger profile comment. Pretty please.

  11. What a great date, loving "Brians" outfit :)

  12. precious!! Love this - what a fun memory you made for him. xoxo

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