before i go....

i am off to see my baby sister in Oregon, in a few hours!
i can't WAIT to be off the clock!
if you have kids, i am sure you know what the week before this departure day has looked like, so i won't bore you with the details of the chaos.
i am finally going.
but before i do, i am sending a special lady a bell that matches mine.
i think it is a fair assumption that she may even need it more than i do.
she has five kids and one is a teenager, so you tell me.
i am sure you all are just as inspired by Meg as i am.
and if you have SOMEHOW missed her blog, Whatever, after all the times i have used her ideas and linked to her, you can go look now, by clicking here.

one more thing.
meg and i want to name our bells!
don't you want to help us think of a good couple to name them after?
we have thrown around Lucy and Ethel, Cheech and Chong, Thelma and Louise.....
what do you think?
Beauty and the Beast?
come on, people, throw some at me....


  1. Love Meg she's awesome. For your bells what about
    Laverne & Shirley

  2. Laverne & Shirley...Mork & Mindy.. : )
    Have fun...that sounds absolutely heavenly!

  3. so cool that you found bell for meg! woo hoo!!

  4. love her blog and yours...the bells are so fun! inspiring me to start my own blog one day...

  5. I like Laverne and Shirley....they had a lot of fun together...like you two!!! Love the bells!!!!

  6. Isabelle and Edward :)

    Love megs blog !!!

  7. what about favorite guy character's names. as in, "You can ring MY bell, Mr. Darcy..." OR what about Maria, because nobody solves a problem like Maria. Or I also like something contrasting and along the country mouse and city mouse theme. so many good ideas going on above too!

  8. oh i cannot wait!!!!
    i am liking laverne and shirley!
    although i am not opposed to naming them both clooney.

    have fun with your sister!

  9. Hi Shauna!
    I'm over from Meg's blog! The marshmallow milk hooked me..Ok first I think Laverne & Shirley. I LOVED that show :)
    I absolutley love your blog, you & your family are beautiful! Will be back to visit soon!

  10. Well hi there. Bopping over from Meg's blog and I rather like it here. So pretty! Love the bell...I vote Lucy and Ethel:)

  11. i like it here too. especially the fact that your children are screaming in the blogs banner. it "screams" i am a real mom!!!
    way to go. great blog.

  12. I do know Meg....love her blog...but I now know you...what a sweet blog.

    sandy toe

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  14. OK, let me try this again: Love the bells!!! Where did you find them? How can I get my hands on one of those?

  15. Oh! I love it!! What a fun idea for the kitchen. I am going to have to remember that for our new house!

  16. ok, where did you find that bell? I can't seem to find one that cute anywhere online!

  17. LOVE your blog! So glad I found it through Meg's. Okay, about this awesome bell....I was at Homegoods today and didn't see anything remotely like it. I know it's been awhile, but what department are they in? I'll have to keep my eyes out. :)