i am raising my "big girl" hand! I have a question!

here's my question.
i have cute kids.
how do you take cute kids and turn them into this?
(brace yourself for a LOL)
I am not mad...
not even a little.
cause look.... 
How could I ever complain when I have been so unexpectedly blessed by photographs this year?
My cup runs over....

i still desperately HEART you Joy....
Oh Happy Day!


  1. that is a total 80's background! they trying to go retro with the school pictures now or what? ; )

    i love all the other ones, i am so jealous you had wildflowers do your family pictures. definitely a treasure!

  2. Class pics are the worst - I don't know where they even find the photographers, but I don't think they even LOOOOK at the kids they are photographing. Thank goodness you have lots of other great ones.

  3. School pictures are always terrible. Always. I don't even put them up in my house. This year I ordered an 8x10 of each of my kids and they will go directly into the scrapbook {well, when I get around to it I mean.} And they are expensive! I love your photos and your kids are too cute to be captured by a creepy guy that probably called them "Power Ranger" when he snapped those pics.

  4. HAHA school pictures are the WORST, but somehow I have to buy them. what's up with that?! The gparents HAVE to have the dumb looking pictures. whatev. the other ones you have are soooo goood, I love wildflower photo!! :)

  5. I'm never impressed with class photos. Last year I remembered pic day for my daughter and dressed her cute, then in her pic she looks like she could kill the photographer with a big frown. I forgot pic day for one of my son's, sent him to school in sweats and wouldn't you know he has the cutest grin (in gray sweats in front of a fall background). I always get the minimal amount just to have a copy, but love the pics I take just whenever much better.

    Your pics of your boys are just gorgeous!

  6. Wow-those pics! Not always the greatest, are they? I love the others-so much more life and personality, they're awesome!

  7. Yea for your family photo shoot from wildflowers, that's the best way to capture your kiddos.

  8. I say throw the school pics away & take your own! Those ones you took are amazing! I always take our own pics & make wallets to give away. So much cooler :)

  9. i just love your photos...yes school photos just arent cutting it anymore. Your family is gorgeous

  10. such a lovely fam and blog <3 <3

  11. i have three kiddos too...except mine are a bit older. just wanted to say that i too was a bit horrified at school pictures over the years, but i LOVE the crazy hair, toothless grins, and priceless "i am totally faking this smile because you are putting me in the most unnatural pose" photos that i keep tucked in my desk drawer. they make me laugh really hard. priceless!