i am a prisoner, a prisoner with friends

what do you do if you are a prisoner of your own children, sitting at home, watching them roam around so bored and cranky that they become incredibly creative in how to drive you crazy and make extra messes and work for you?
how do you not begin to go a little insane and how do you keep yourself from thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will last forever?
they may never feel good and happy again.
they may never remember rules and normal routines ever again.
they may burst into tears at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING forever and ever.......
ok ok ok! this is what my blog, the reed life, is all about!
i gotta snap out of it and read the side bar that reminds me of my mission.
beauty in my mess.
hear i go, hello kitty shirt and all.....

i tried to make them stay on their beds for an hour a day, when they stayed home from school.
this is how they each handled it....

i HAD to let them bundle up and go outside for a little bit.
you have no idea, they are jumping out of their skin, if they can't run.
even if they are sick.
it's so reedo.
makes me want to hit something.
so instead of hit something, i sent them out and they brought me these.....
i am such a jerk.

i spent a few minutes letting ty and ella play with my old cameras.
they loved that.

we survived.
they are going back to school in the morning.
i hope it's not too soon.
but at the same time, i don't even care, ya know?
how can i be so in love and so exasperated with these people at the exact same time!!??
i am a crazy lady.....
thank you for all of your sweet comments and encouragements.
you guys made me feel like i wasn't even alone at my house for a week!
that's amazing!
i was like a prisoner, with friends!


  1. totally understand going crazy with sick kids. It is the worst...and I am so happy for you that they get to go back to school tomorrow!! yay for Shauna's sanity lol.

  2. i hope it's not too soon.
    but at the same time, i don't even care, ya know?

    LOVE IT !! I feel the same way with my kiddos !!

  3. I tried to explain it to my hubby like this:

    You remember when you were a kid and you had a friend sleepover on Friday night? And you had so much fun that they stayed over Saturday night too? And then by Sunday you still loved that friend dearly but you were ready for them to go home...That's how I feel about my kids sometimes, I'm just ready for them to go home....oh wait, they are home ;)

    I ♥ your realness...I'm glad I'm not the only one going a little crazy.

  4. you are a mom.
    that is how we all feel.
    crazy in love and totally exhausted by them at the same time! :)