halloween and the pumpkin king...

we carved pumpkins today.
i LOVE carving pumpkins.
but yesterday i cut my finger pretty badly.
it makes it hard to do my job.
i never think about how much i use my hands in my job.
washing dishes and people.
buttoning and unbuttoning pants.
pulling shirts on and off.
zipping zippers.
pushing, pulling, lifting, shoving, helping, rubbing, wiping, stopping, starting, smacking (as in high 5's).......
the list could go on....
but today it meant not being a good cutter OR scraper.
well, surprise surprise....
my reedo came through with flying colors!
my reedo who i had to beg and convince to carve pumpkins when we first got married....
he was like the pumpkin king today!
he just rocked pumpkin time (check out that "not stressed out" face....that's hot....seriously)
carving, basicly, everyones pumkin and making it seem like they did it (that is usually my job).
it was so great and it made me feel bad for always being so "in charge of everything"
maybe if i took a step back more often he could be the "main guy" of stuff more?
something to think about.
where else am i trying too hard and in the process discouraging my family to step it up?
ouch....that's hard to think about.
so here they are, my perfectly capable people (the boy's with painted faces) are carving.....

wait !!!!

where is the tiny guy???

it's not the same without.....

oh there he is.

so here we are.
with all my free time i set up a family photo....

Happy Halloween!


  1. love it....looks like your husband did a great job!!!! Sweet pictures,,,Happy Halloween!!!

  2. i love your family photo, shauna. and you know what? it really is something to think about, i catch myself doing that a lot too and when i step back i usually like what i see. happy halloween!

  3. I'm the doer over here too. I love my husband dearly, but was taken aback last year when we were at a book store story time together as a family and I wanted to look for a few books during craft time and my husband looked at me and proclaimed "I don't DO crafts!" I mean come on it was just elmers glue and construction paper. But I digress. He would probably carve pumpkins if I needed him to.
    LOVE the family photo!

  4. your family photo is inspiring me to set up my camera on self timer and snap more of our motley crew. i love the way it turned out! i hope you guys have a wonderfully fun halloween!!

  5. Just want you to know that I "love the Reed life" great blogs each time sister.

  6. i LOVE that picture!
    it's perfect.
    i want to do that.....maybe next year.
    or maybe it's cuter with the little ones?