halloween treats

lots of goings on over here.
school conferences.
getting ready for the boutiques.
halloween celebrations.
poop in hello kitty panties.
you know, the usual.
but all that, equals not enough time to edit photos....sad.
but here is a little "trick or treat" for you who are dying to see my people in their costumes (aunts grace and aunt val)
there are much more to come....
including a very grown up tinkerbell (let me tell you, she has developed)
stay tuned....


  1. that is a truly awesome picture. i am quite positive they will be proud of when they're all grown up.

    and great costumes!!

  2. They are so stinkin' cute - all of 'em! Love the new header and can't wait to see all the halloweeny goodness from your neck of the woods :D

  3. Hi Shauna.. love your blog. I thought I'd leave a comment and not be a creepy lurker! What do you use to make your photo collages?

  4. susan.
    i tryed to email you back, but did you know that your email isn't attached to your blogger account? oh well.
    if you check back, i use picasa for very simple collages.
    i am happy to share more about that if you want! email me with any questions....i am NOT very computer savy, but i have figured out what works for me through trial and error...
    good to hear from you!
    i am coming BACK to Oregon in a few weeks! yessssss!
    and maybe we'll see you.....???

  5. I think I maybe fixed the email thing.. I use picasa for some things too; was wondering if there was something better that I didn't know about. Dreamin about Lightroom :) It's so great you are coming back up for Thanksgiving! It would be fun to see you.