{embrace} the camera

a few of you have asked what kind of camera i use.
i keep forgetting to do a post to answer.
so here it is.
i use a Canon Rebel T1i.
my reedo got it for me last christmas.
it was from costco.
he asked erin what to get and then obeyed her.
that obedience worked out for all of us.
erin, what's your trick to get him to listen and obey?
before that i had a tiny broken point and shoot.
so this year i have worked hard to learn how to use a big girl camera.
i even learned to shoot in manual.
well, sorta.
i just decided to start one day.
i wasted a lot of time learned the hard way.
i then took Joy's class.
i learned how to do much more through her.
and i also embraced picnik.
i really want to get a real photo editor.
i took advantage of a free temporary download of lightroom.
but that only lasted for a few months.
soon. i will get the real lightroom.
i am waiting because reedo wants to get a mac too.
so i will need to get a different version than will work on my current computer.
anyhow, that my deal.
i have really come to love taking pictures and sharing them with you.

today i pulled my happy little rebel out and joined up with this cute idea....

check out this great blog and join in on the fun!

here's my pic.
i am including this as my 365 picture too.
"embracing the camera" (day 10)


  1. First - I followed your blog a while back. Right? Or did I just think I did, but I really didn't? Because I coulda sworn...and I just thought to myself, "I haven't seen her on my dashboard lately..." But I thought I was a follower???

    I'm totally a follower now.

    Whew. Crisis averted.

    Love the pic.

  2. those boys make me laugh....you must have so much fun!!!

  3. omg, i love this pic and i LOVE your blog. i've just spent valuable time reading through your posts, lol.

    so glad you joined us this week!

  4. love it!! love that it was the perfect gift for you, and that you've exploded into the world of fun photos. if only i could get my kids to listen and obey:).