snow at the art house

so, in case you haven't figured it out yet,
our family trip was up to Bend, Oregon.
a 15 and a half hour drive up the I-5 freeway...
my little sister lives up there, as i am sure you remember from my trip LAST month.
i just HAD to bring my kids and my reedo up there to show them the amazingness.
so up we went for thanksgiving.
we stayed a few blocks away from my sister at an fabulous old catholic school turned inn, called McMininmins.
it was so so so so cool.
we stayed in a cottage called the art house and right out our back door was....
wait for it reedo....
an outdoor pub with big fire pits.
really it was right outside our back door.
there are a buncha great breweries up in bend and so a main part of our trip was reedo enjoying all different kinds of his favorite drink....
not in a lush kinda way....
in a super classy "beer tasting" kinda way ;)
add to it, that one of reedo's best friends lives up there and could meet him out there after the kids settled down.
well, that is frankly pretty close to heaven, for him.
i was so glad to see him enjoy his time there.
i kept my fridge stocked with treats from Jackson's Corner and snacked on them while reading my book for the trip, The Help.
so i was in heaven too!

here are some pictures of the first few minutes when we arrived at the art house.
after sliding through that SUPER snowy section on the previous post, we made it to bend, but there wasn't snow there....yet.
it started about five minutes after we checked in.
and continued all night.
now for an OC girl, this is not everyday stuff....
and now my KIDS are in heaven!

i know, i know, he is so cute when he is in "daddy mode".
 back off ladies. 
resist the temptation to check the "love him" box....

ella was stunned.
look at the snow in her lashes.
oh gosh.
(just wait till you see her rad moves in the snow in my upcoming "sledding" posts!)

his real smile.

(taken by tiny...of course)

i can just smell his cheek form here!
gulp....love him!

our family trip to Bend, Oregon
November 2010


  1. shauna your pictures are so good. That would be my hubby's idea of a great trip too!! :)
    makes me want to drive to bend!

  2. wow....love the snow in ellas lashes..thats a sweet picture!!!

  3. So glad you are back and sharing all of your treasures with us! The Reed life has become such a bright spot in my day...thanks Shauna :-) And please tell that hubby of yours hello for me! It's been forever since I've seen the two of you but seeing your daily world through your 'blog eyes' is such a treat. Welcome home!

  4. hahaha...i could not resist temptation because the both of you are super cute! i want to go to oregon now, seriously! i want pictures of the catholic school turned inn, sounds so cool. LOVE the pics of your kids mesmerized by the snow, what a treat for you guys. can't wait for more!

  5. ps- just got one of those cameras myself : ) love the header!

  6. this looks like a magazine or a movie trailer....the snow...the love...the adorable kids....and mommy.
    ok, i am hormonal and weepy but between the pics and the song and hormones i am totally crying!
    these are AWESOME. i want to go here.

  7. love love love it.
    i grew up in bend but haven't been back since i was 14.
    what beautiful memories you made with your family. xoxo.

  8. Can we see more of the inside of that COOL place?
    Also what is that painting behind you guys?? Love that too!!>>jealous!

  9. There is just nothing quite like a classic family road trip (and my CLASSIC I mean it has to take longer than 4 hours to get there)! We have made many treks from South Texas to Washington State (total of 32 hours driving time) and we have so many memories from our journeys. It always helps when your destination for such a long trip is some place wonderful like Bend OR. Good times!!!

  10. snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes....I can hear the song in the photo! you guys are a few of MY favorite things. lovely pics, friend. is there a limit to your photography amazingness?