i am grateful for....

"my legs" (day 3)

  • these guys took me to the kitchen to make toast, yogurt smoothies and raspberries for my children, this morning.
  • these guys took me up and down the stairs 11 times to get my people ready for school.
  • these guys helped drive to school, then turn around and come back when we realized we forgot backpacks.
  • these guys got me out of the car, to get the wipes, when i observed that ella had found a chocolate cookie from the mall, the night before, and crumbled it all over her self and smeared it all over face.
  • these guys took us back to school and into the office for a tardy slip.
  • these guys took ella and i to the gym, crouched down to help ella go potty, then stood back up and walked out of the gym, with a bare bottomed little three year old, when i realized she had pooped in her hello kitty panties and i was out of spares.
  • they took me inside and walked me over to the tv so i could turn on Sleeping Beauty for my little demanding princess, and then plopped me right down in front of my computer, so i could share about how i don't know HOW i could have managed this patience-trying morning with out my legs.
  • these guys will help me do my laundry, wash my dishes, organize and work on my tidbits, stand in the shower, play with my kids, supervise homework, snuggle up and read stories, sing songs, and hopefully be propped up on some pillows at around 9pm tonight when all my jobs come to a stopping point (notice i didn't say the jobs would be done, that will never be), and i will rest them and read a frivolous novel and drink some wine from a bottle reedo got me at  eric W.'s birthday party.

sometimes i complain about these babies being too short, but today all i can be is grateful for them!
thank you Jesus!
every good gift is from You....
i know You never change.


  1. I really love your blog. Every time I come I am so overwhelmed by how much I love it. Your wisdom and grace are excessive.

  2. i would like to say the exact same thing life with kaishon said because i think she took the words right out of my mouth. your gratitude is inspiring and refreshing my friend. i just adore you.

  3. I just love this perspective - what a fabulous post that has made me start thinking about my day/legs/life in a refreshingly new way.

    LOVE IT! xoxo

  4. I'm thankful for my legs also...they help me reach the candy in which i've hid in a tub on top of the fridge.

  5. oh man, am I ever more mindful to be grateful for my normally high functioning body (and of course I blogged all about it ;) ). I just had an injury that brought me back to that. Gratitude is GOOD stuff! ;)