i know. you've missed me. i've missed you too.

this is what i've been doing.


(the naughty beard and rudolph nose is a getting back at jake for the AT-TI-TUDE about having his picture taken)

uh oh.....here it comes....

we had to stop for the night since they closed the I-5 freeway, due to crazy amounts of snow.
we handled it this way....

then back on the road at 6am
and down came the snow

need i say it?
that poor guy.

this was the first time my kids had EVER been in falling snow....i HAD to take pictures of them peeing on the tire!
reedo thought i was ridiculous.
i was.

sure, everyone is stressed.
sure, it is very dangerous road conditions.
but my boys have never seen snow fall!
i show them how to catch flakes on their tongues, on the side of the road....priceless.

to be continued...


  1. oh geez those pictures are awesome....did you go to tahoe?? We make that drive a lot cause my mom lives in san fran.....love the peeing pics....I have two boys and they basically love peeing outside...whats up with that?? LOL

    and yes...i missed you...:)

  2. Too funny!! I don't even have the boys get out of the car, we just open up the side door, and three little boys pee into the snow!!

  3. snowflake catching is THE best! can't wait to see more. glad you guys are home safe and sound.

  4. Love it!!! Such a fun adventure - I heard that the Sunday post Thanksgiving it took over 12 hours to get from LA - Bay area...hope you avoided that!!! Can't wait to read more.....

    I'm so excited for you and those pee'ing pictures - I know, I'm strange - I'm just seeing them being used at their High School/College graduation video - or perhaps even their wedding videos....Too cute!

  5. Glad you were super safe in the snow cuz. Up here people were abandoning cars on the 5.
    And yes. I did miss you.

  6. we are the same person.
    i missed you very much.