wait, what did i wear wednesday again?

i've always wanted to do a 
but it's hard!
i have to remember to take pictures of myself and my whole outfit.
plus, it's hard to remember when i wore stuff.
was that monday or last week?
i can't remember... ( i guess you don't HAVE to know when you wore it, i'm just making excuses)
wha wha...
well, i finally did it.

stripey tank---forever 21
jean short cut offs---a little boutique that i forget the name of
floppy hat---nordstrom's rack
cheeky grin---God's little blessing

dress---i made it from a vintage vogue pattern (eeeekk)
(yay! i actually had shoes on! that doesn't usually happen until i'm getting in the car...)

v-neck pocket t---gap
bell bottom jeans---H&M
necklace---brassplum @nordstrom
tiny little blondie---Mr. Reed

tank top---walmart
skirt and belt--- anthropologie clearance table
head band---blossom and vine
sandals---sseko designs
laundry and wild "puppy" kids in the background---mine everyday

it is really hard to keep my hand still to take photos with my phone when i try and look away from the phone and at at the mirror to make eye contact...
i am so un-coordinated, i guess.

i am so glad to get to be a part of Lindsey's famous series!
thanks for having me Lindsey!
(ps. when i saw her at the Queen Bee Market a few months ago, Lindsey and i realized that we used to work at Ruby's together when i was like..... 17! crazy! that feels like FOREVER ago.)

be sure to check out the side bar button that takes you to the reed's pie eating contest shoot with wildflowers photography!!!
you are gonna freak out it is so awesome!!!



oh, sweet tuesday!

lovely tuesday,
there are many things i could complain about with you.
the stubbed bloody toe,
the sweaty sunburned forehead,
the dirty floors and dirty downstairs bathroom,
the yucky carpet and the weather that won't commit to summer....

instead i will think of you with a gracious wash.
i will think of the snuggles and soggy laughs after a busted up big toe.
the sweet help of a friend while we applied first aide,
brothers and sisters turned to nurses,

the fresh sand toys getting a second use under the shade of a large park platform,
giggles with brothers and sisters and friends,

a trip to watch daddy race,
a lovely sunset sent just for my children,
their searching wondering eyes as they tried to see it out of every car window,

their happy exclamations when they realized it was still there after they thought it had gone,
and the serious tears of sorrow when that sun finally sank,
"never to be seen ever again!"

and, of course, strawberry milkshakes....

these few photos of me and my boy were taken with our self timer
(yep, me jumping up and down 50 times)
and i am so thankful for them.
look at his eyes.
that is how he'll look when he's a man, i think
he is usually a reluctant photo taker (putting it gently)
and he was sitting and being cooperative and goofy and sweet to me today.
he told me "i know you love taking pictures, mom"
thank you lord for my boy and that lovely few moments.
it doesn't get better than that.

thank you tuesday.
for being crazy 
and normal
and tiring and scary
and peaceful and lovely
and for milkshakes on the kitchen floor
milkshakes help toes and nerves and tears of sadness and loss....
lots of strawberry milkshake...it's a miracle.

(usually i can only get one of all of them in the frame, you have no idea how much these people actually move.... 
oh wait, maybe you do.)


a few i forgot...

remember how much i love the mission?
well, i was going through some older photos and realized that i forgot to share my favorites from mother's day at the mission.
it was so crazy right after that!

it was such a sweet day.
i'm glad i have these photos to remember it.
could it be that i love photographs so much because you can look at them when you are not sweaty and barking orders and really see that you have a great life.
after the stress and the details of the moment fade, you can process your life differently.
maybe it's just me...


a few things....

first things first....
please, if you haven't already, go check out
 this little lady's birthday bash.

she is such an inspiration to share her day with sweet little children who can have comfort through a simple story time that WE can provide. she is making it so easy for us to help with that. i bought "where the wild things are" and "curious george goes to the zoo".
come on!
pick a couple favorites!
she is turning the big 3-0!

second things second....
so glad it's summer.
yesterday was great.
they finished with flying colors.
there were some tears though.
 my little BFF came running out of class with this face....( can you see it's kinda fake though?)

but by the time we came home he was breaking down, and we spent some time hugging and me listening to his sad little sobbing broken heart.
he loved kindergarten.
he loved his teacher.
he loved his friends.
but then i reminded him that next year he gets to buy lunch and have recess with jake and he started to perk up.

and third things third...

whoa. look at this.
i really really love it.
and it is remarkable i think to say that about a photograph of yourself.
but this photo says something about how i feel about my daughter and how i feel inside myself.
i just had to share.
it was taken by one of the VERY talented participants in Joy, from Wildflowers' workshop in Julian, CA
her name is zoe and she has a blog called three sister's jewelry design.
she took the one that i posted on father's day of reedo and ella too.
i am into her program.
i will love this photo forever.

that's it!
it's summer! yay!




and the livin' is easy?
yah, we'll see about that.

but i am so so so so glad that it's here.
i pick them up in a few hours.
the thing that is pulling on my heart a little is that my tiny ty is gonna be done with half day school and on to staying until 2. gulp.
that does not make me happy.
i love having that guy around.
and although i may have my fill of that in the next few months, i am still sad to see a phase of his life go.

look at the about me page that he filled out in his first ever yearbook.

i get to be his BFF this year.
what about next year?
and let me just say that he was THE CUTEST ever with that yearbook.
asking everyone and their mother to sign it.....not kidding he has a ton of notes from moms in there.
he has all the moms swooning i tell you (little reedo)

there are things that WILL be better next year though.
for example, i am looking forward to having time where ella is in preschool (oh wait, that's crazy too!) where i can help in the boys classes.
i didn't do that at all this year. i tried to embrace the last year of having a baby to stay home with knowing that next year will give me different opportunities to help.
but, although i am glad about that choice, i definately felt that.
i didn't feel great about not being in their classes engaging with their teachers and classmates more.
still, you choose one thing, you DON"T choose another...that's life.
i can't do everything all the time.
oh and before i forget,
i made jar pies for the teacher last night.
and i have some tips.....
but you know what?  i think i am going to just do my own tutorial for you because the tips are a lot of words.

still embracing....
summer's here!




to see more go


three. more. days.

oh for heaven's sake.
is school out?
how bout now?

how 'bout now?

please let summer start!

three more days.
and then i will promise to immediately start complaining about 
the craziness of having my kids around my body constantly.
not really.
but you know i will eventually.
i mean i'll clean it up and call it, "they really need some structure", of course.
but you'll know it's me complaining.

i will miss ella and mommy time alone though.
(happy ella)
(naughty ella)

(lovely ella)
(angry ella)
(shy ella)

....but i promise that when summer comes i will try to get my real camera out more so that i can stop cramming my instagram photos down your throat.
i know it's getting to be A LOT of instagram, dude.
it's just so easy.

but i did take this with my camera.

still do you really want me to leave out this....

or this!

or this!
 just because i took it with my phone, and all my instagram people saw it like 5 days ago!??

what about this!
(i want this for myself. i'm not sharing.)

and this!?

ok ok, i'll stop.
but just one more tiny one.
you won't be sorry.

you know you love me.