a few i forgot...

remember how much i love the mission?
well, i was going through some older photos and realized that i forgot to share my favorites from mother's day at the mission.
it was so crazy right after that!

it was such a sweet day.
i'm glad i have these photos to remember it.
could it be that i love photographs so much because you can look at them when you are not sweaty and barking orders and really see that you have a great life.
after the stress and the details of the moment fade, you can process your life differently.
maybe it's just me...


  1. Loved all of the pictures. :) And your blog is so pretty!

  2. I love pictures for that very same reason. We are so blessed. You have a lovely family. :)

  3. nope, it's not just you. that's why i love sio many of them too .these are awesome, looks like a beautiful spot!

  4. that is exactly what is awesome about pictures. it always looks fun....whether it was or not. :)

  5. ya just brought tears to my eyes with what you wrote here...you hit it right on the nose!! photos remind you the moments are oh so very precious = no matter what. because we're lucky enough to be around to have them!!! ;)