a few things....

first things first....
please, if you haven't already, go check out
 this little lady's birthday bash.

she is such an inspiration to share her day with sweet little children who can have comfort through a simple story time that WE can provide. she is making it so easy for us to help with that. i bought "where the wild things are" and "curious george goes to the zoo".
come on!
pick a couple favorites!
she is turning the big 3-0!

second things second....
so glad it's summer.
yesterday was great.
they finished with flying colors.
there were some tears though.
 my little BFF came running out of class with this face....( can you see it's kinda fake though?)

but by the time we came home he was breaking down, and we spent some time hugging and me listening to his sad little sobbing broken heart.
he loved kindergarten.
he loved his teacher.
he loved his friends.
but then i reminded him that next year he gets to buy lunch and have recess with jake and he started to perk up.

and third things third...

whoa. look at this.
i really really love it.
and it is remarkable i think to say that about a photograph of yourself.
but this photo says something about how i feel about my daughter and how i feel inside myself.
i just had to share.
it was taken by one of the VERY talented participants in Joy, from Wildflowers' workshop in Julian, CA
her name is zoe and she has a blog called three sister's jewelry design.
she took the one that i posted on father's day of reedo and ella too.
i am into her program.
i will love this photo forever.

that's it!
it's summer! yay!



  1. What a beautiful picture!!! It's gorgeous. I love the gloves :)

  2. Holy cow, that photo is stunning!

  3. friend, thank you so much for sharing the love about the book drive. me love you long time. ;)

    zoe has got amazing skills. both of her photos thst you've shared are really spectacular.

  4. So beautiful. Love how you are just free to be yourself! :)

  5. shauna. thank you so much for supporting the giveaway. i appreciate you! and i'm in love with your pics.

    and booty bumps to you.

  6. I can see why you love that pic. It's stunning!

  7. wow - thank you. this is the first time anyone has singled out one of my images. i'm totally honored! thank you! xo, zoe

  8. the photo is gorgeous! as a momma of a daughter, I GET IT. love the stylization, too!

  9. I didn't know you didn't usually love pictures of yourself Shauna.