this was a serious week.
i don't even remember most of it.
there have to be weeks like this to make the slow sweet ones that much better, right?
i hope, right.
because this week just...was.
i didn't get my real camera out once...but i had my iphone!
of course...

i taught my dad and his wife joanie how to make jar pies with their berries.
they have a million berries in their yard this time of year.
we made them and ate some too....

we ate watermelon,  heirloom tomatoes(for the grown-ups and not the picky children) and ice water with blackberries to flavor it, and "snacky lunches"

i got ready for our wildflowers shoot....
that is set in julian, ca.
such a lovely place!

then we were off to julian! with curlers in our hair and berries for my dad's yard!

we had some great family time!
no clues about our shoot, yet....but you'll see in good time.

we visited the candy shop(you know i can't resist. remember this? and this?)
and the diner and had a marvelous day.

i can't wait to share the shoot with you!
it was such a treat!



  1. I can't wait to see your photo shoot. I'm sure it will be amazing. Julian is one of my favorite spots- mostly for the pie and ice cream!

  2. Beautiful pics - even with your iphone!! Can't wait to see your shoot pics too.

  3. Great family pics. I felt like I was reading a blog right out of the 50's or something. :) I'm going to have to try your pies you speak of.

  4. Looks like a fun week!! Sometimes the most laid back weeks are the BEST!! :)


  5. looks like a fun/busy week. those pie thingies look like i need one...maybe i should add that to our summer list :)

  6. I'm a San Diego born and bred girl (now living in the Bay Area due to hubby's job) and I miss Julian so much! It's such a sweet slice of time begone. Your blog inspires me! Happy weekend!

  7. Love all the isntagram photos! How cool.

  8. I'm brand new here, but I just love your blog. Great pictures!!

  9. why the H are we not following eachother on instagram?

  10. I can't wait to see it, too! Your pictures last year were so wonderful.