this is my girl in the bath.

this is my girl after she did a big splash and i over reacted.

this is super girl.

these are my boys.
home from school.
one with a cold and one pretending to have a cold.

this is my little flea market find.

this is my shot gun seat.
tissues, karate belts, giant purse/camera bag, baby-girl sandals, grocery list, baby wipes, sunglasses case(separate from sunglasses), trash....is this what yours looks like too?

this is one of the indoor activities that is acceptable on "sick day"
yah, of course he's faking it....

this is what i will do just about anything to avoid.
including scrubbing base boards and cabinets with magic erasers until my fingers bleed, and write this post...

i got these to do more baby pies....mmmmmm

this is one photo taken out of about 37 that look just like this.
i guess someone knows about the camera app on my phone and stole it to take some self portraits....

that's it.
my day.
what's your day been like?


  1. I love this post! One of my favorites of all time. A simple, honest and beautiful glance into your life. Lovely! Thanks :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I was just thinking about the shot gun seat today! How funny. It just constantly accumulates crap and I have to constantly take that crap back into the house and find places for it. I can't stand it piling up... but it is one annoying little task I could do without. :)

  3. One of my greatest fears is dropping my camera in a body of water...ha. Your lids are the Cutest. And also those pies in your last post...drool. Breakfast for sure.

  4. love the pix of your girl in the tub, she's adorable!!! love your day! I need to stop reading blogs and go capture our day...we are going to do some math & Language Arts, read some History, have lunch, do some Art....have a gREAT day!

  5. hi shauna. :) haven't said hi for a little while so i thought i'd pop over! i'm currently obsessed with mason jars as well and was hoping you would send me those pies for my 30th. thanks.

  6. Aw, I just love the bath pics! Your kiddos are a-stinkin-dorable!

  7. today i had to bake & decorate cupcakes for my niece's birthday party and went to her party. i al so edited a ton of pictures, did very little housework and made bubbles with the kids. oh--and i bet my passenger seat-well, actually my whole car--looks way worse than yours. i just found half of a
    pb & j in a ziploc bag in my glove box. ooops. ; D

  8. my kids are always asking to sit in the front now that they are older and i say "NO! that is where my stuff goes!"