oh, sweet tuesday!

lovely tuesday,
there are many things i could complain about with you.
the stubbed bloody toe,
the sweaty sunburned forehead,
the dirty floors and dirty downstairs bathroom,
the yucky carpet and the weather that won't commit to summer....

instead i will think of you with a gracious wash.
i will think of the snuggles and soggy laughs after a busted up big toe.
the sweet help of a friend while we applied first aide,
brothers and sisters turned to nurses,

the fresh sand toys getting a second use under the shade of a large park platform,
giggles with brothers and sisters and friends,

a trip to watch daddy race,
a lovely sunset sent just for my children,
their searching wondering eyes as they tried to see it out of every car window,

their happy exclamations when they realized it was still there after they thought it had gone,
and the serious tears of sorrow when that sun finally sank,
"never to be seen ever again!"

and, of course, strawberry milkshakes....

these few photos of me and my boy were taken with our self timer
(yep, me jumping up and down 50 times)
and i am so thankful for them.
look at his eyes.
that is how he'll look when he's a man, i think
he is usually a reluctant photo taker (putting it gently)
and he was sitting and being cooperative and goofy and sweet to me today.
he told me "i know you love taking pictures, mom"
thank you lord for my boy and that lovely few moments.
it doesn't get better than that.

thank you tuesday.
for being crazy 
and normal
and tiring and scary
and peaceful and lovely
and for milkshakes on the kitchen floor
milkshakes help toes and nerves and tears of sadness and loss....
lots of strawberry milkshake...it's a miracle.

(usually i can only get one of all of them in the frame, you have no idea how much these people actually move.... 
oh wait, maybe you do.)


  1. Aw, poor little guy. I love how attentive the others were to him in his time of pain. My girls do the same thing and its very sweet.
    We've been having lots of smoothies and milkshakes around here too. Hubbys on a kick to mkae a different kind every day.
    And I have to tell you that necklace is flippin fabulous! Love it.
    Have a wonderful day. The week is already half over somehow.

  2. Next up for me- embrace my self-timer!
    Love these, friend.

  3. so so sweet!
    I have been setting my timer ALOT to get in some shots and we are getting so many family photos!!!

    love ALL of your photos!

  4. these photos are amazing!!! so much fun and your drinks look yummy!!!! looks like yall are having a great summer!!!!! Enjoy!!!

  5. What beautiful pics!!!

    Can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar!!!

  6. what camera do you have again? get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Canon-RC-6-Wireless-Controller-Digital/dp/B0037NX6JY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310100006&sr=8-1 then you won't have to do self-timer.