i love pie.
i love jars.
you know this already.
so what could be the next step, in my love,  but making pie in a tiny jar?
it's just natural.
i followed this recipe.
i used the FRESHEST berries (like 3 hours from bush to pie!) from my dads blackberry bushes.
and trader joes crust.
please note:
i forgot to add the pads of butter in the pies.
so i broke um open by just taking a pinch out of the middle of the top of the crust and shoving the butter under there.
then i cut a small circle to cover up that dumb mess.
this kind of thing happens to me a lot.
because i get really exited about stuff that i love, but have never done before and rush around too quickly...
just being honest.
is that how you are too?

they turned out sooooooo lovely and delicious!

i'm in love with these.
i love that they can be frozen before baking.
i love that the lid perfectly fits over them before being baked....and after too.
i know it looks like the crust would be in the way, but i could easily screw on the lid over that and not squish the pie much.
this photo was right out of the oven and the pies settled a bit as they cooled.

ps. it's common fact that pie is a breakfast food, right?



  1. ummmmm, so freakin cute! Great idea and I always eat desserts for breakfast you kinda have to otherwise they'll go bad, right?? :)

  2. wow.
    that would be the best breakfast ever.
    i do that kind of stuff ALL the time.
    i made cinnamon rolls this weekend.
    as soon as i added the EIGHT cups of flour i realized i had ruined the yeast.
    so yeah.....ALL the ingredients were a waste.
    i had to throw it all out.
    creative happy people do that.
    it makes us....US! :)

  3. these are so amazing that i feel like i can taste them, in my imagination. makes me want one right now. would it be faster to go buy all the ingredients and make my own, or just come up to your house? it's only like an hour and a half drive, right? that is, if you have any left ;) (oh, and if i was even invited)

  4. Those are the cutest pies I've ever seen!

  5. awesome. send one my way, please?

  6. I LOVE THIS! Awesome and one I will be trying VERY soon :)

  7. so cute! LOVE it!
    My mom would LOVE this!
    you are so CUTE!

  8. shut up! those are sooo cute!

  9. oh, wow. these are beyond adorable and i think maybe i know what you are practicing for? : ) now i really think i need to try this...blueberry pie...yum!
    and by the way, i check and double check the ingredients over and over and then somehow instantly forget if i added it or not. i always do that, it's sad.

  10. I am in love with this. Putting in on my summer to do list. genius.

  11. This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I'm new to your blog....and I love it!!!

  12. What size jar? splendid idea!