marshmallow math, rip tide, and sassy instagram photos of me....

since we are still in school (gag)
we still have math homework.
but, just in case you are wondering, math is way more fun with marshmallows as counters.
(no my children did not eat all those marshmallows...just some of them)
ella (3 1/2) used them to trace  large shapes i drew on pieces of paper.
ty (6) used them as counters for subtraction.
jake (7 1/2) used them as motivation ( as in, if you do 5 problems you can eat a marshmallow)
fun, huh?
a version for every age of my gang of little people...
AND i am sure you notice the special patriotic marshmallows we got...
we do love america, our home sweet home!

a fancy tradition we have decided on is when our kids are in kindergarten and have open house we take only the big kids to a teppan style restaurant after.
we did it with jake last year.
it was so fun for him and he was so surprised by the flying food and fun cooking in front to him.
and this year, with ty, was so great too.
for both boys their kindergarten open house was their first time ever seeing a restaurant like this.
it's special.
look at his little face....

reedo showed the boys how to get hit in the eyeball with rice....

it was so grown up-ish and fun with high stools and soda to drink....
i can't wait till ella gets to join us in a few years!

i love this little canvas i made for by my bed,
just had to share it.
i made a tiny one for my friend amy a few months ago too.
you can see hers here(plus if you click over, you will learn how to make ice cream)
i like that we have matchy matchers, but they are a little different too.

i'm just gonna say it.
i love cafe rio.
i wish i could go there everyday and not gain a million pounds.
here is a photo of me going to get my free salad from filling up my punch ticket.
why-o-why is that so rewarding?
getting a free meal, i mean...
it really just makes me feel amazing to get a free meal.

and here are a few embraces of my camera phone
i'm getting way better at that.
there are way more than you even want to see, but come on!
you can do it too!
stretch out that arm and take some!


  1. You're gorgeous.

    And I LOVE the taco tongue! I can't do that, but my oldest daughter can :-)

  2. You are rocking that iphone - totally! Lve your new family tradition... and I neeeeed to buy marshmallows for maths!

  3. love your pics, they are just so so fun!

  4. You're such a doll, Shauna, I swear. And the canvas? Love it. Mine is in my sewing studio. When are you gonna start selling them? People love them, Im tellin ya!

  5. Even if it's just in blog-land, I love that you're in my life. :)

  6. What a cool idea with the marshmallows! Fun pictures! Love that floral skirt you have very pretty and feminine :)

  7. You have the cutest outfits! Love it!

  8. free meals...it's the small things in life!

  9. cute cute pix~
    you are adorable!

  10. Way too fun! Also, way to make a girl have a mad craving for s'mores :)

  11. just told myself yestesrday that my cafe rio punch card was lookin low...i want some. now.

  12. oh yes, free makes me feel like a queen, too. hey--i'll take it any way i can get it (feeling like a queen that is)!! ummm...still in school as of june 17? double gag ; ) love the instagram pics, dollface as always. love that black and white one of you, super sassy and such a cool shot. love that angle!

  13. the site is letting us comment again...hooray!!
    i love that mini reedo...i wanna eat him up with a SPOON.
    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the milk bottle idea. i'm totally gonna start buying those and stashing them in my hope(less!) chest.
    and you're SO lovely, shauna!!
    <3 h

  14. The black and white one Shauna FOR SURE. What a great tree. What a great perspective. What great lines. What a great risk.

  15. Number 1: You're pretty.
    Number 2: I have never been to Cafe Rio.
    Number 3: I would like to be your "real life" friend.
    Number 4: I don't look at tons of blogs, but yours is one of them {I write that as if it holds tons and tons of weight, which it doesn't}.