{virtual} summer

happy {virtual} coffee tuesday.
want to know the super lame thing for me?
it seems like EVERYONE is in full force summer but us californians.
we still have 8 days of school left (so my boys tell me).

but i DID get through last week.
thank you Jesus!
and the last few days have felt so good.
getting things organized and put away, cleaning (a bit), i even got a real car wash!!!

and one really happy, and "summer-ish" thing are my dad's berry vines.
they are so amazing.
we inhale boysenberries like they are goin' outa style.
and make pies (obvsly.)

look at these beauties!

ella, understandably, eats more than she collects.
but she knows not to put the red ones in her mouth...sour!

jake is the berry picking expert.
when we go over there, i don't see him again until he has filled his bucket.
he climbs the fence and finds the hidden ones that my dad has taught him are back there....

he always finds the good ones.

ty, likes hangin out.
he likes sharing a bucket with me and collecting right next to me or jake or my dad.
it's social for him.
i just love that guy.

so that's pretty lucky and summery huh?

i want to share our summer list and stuff soon, but right now it's still a little early for us.
we still need to get through a few more days before we breath in the freedom of summer magic.
so for now, i'll share this.

i had a moment of brilliance the other day at lowes.
i bought a giant roll of painter's paper.
(you know the kind they lay down to protect the flooring?)
and we've been using it as a giant art project and then a second layer of protection during meals.
it cuts back on the times i need to wash my tablecloth and gives these rowdy people something to do when i am finishing up dinner....
when it gets gross, i allow people to cut out anything "special" that they need want to save and then cut off that nasty piece and start over!
it cost $9.99.
i'll let you know how long it lasts....

happy {virtual} summer friends.



  1. Just another idea for saving that beautiful tablecloth from tons of washings: go to Walmart and buy a piece of plastic tablecloth stuff in the size of the cloth. Lay it over your real tablecloth & you'll still see the beauty but it'll be wipe-able.
    Love the berries! My parents have them on their property too but our arent ripe until late July, sometimes August.

  2. we are still finishing up our school work too (at home) and then review work all summer. no rest for my kids, don't feel sorry for them! they only do 1/2 hour per day plus reading!
    love the tablecloth idea~ cute!
    are those blackberries?!
    my parents have blackberry, raspberry and strawberries all in the wild. you have to beat the bears there or you won't get any! LOL! it's fun!

  3. great idea with the paper and those berry pics are beautiful :)

  4. I have that tablecloth! Great idea with the paper. I

  5. Love the berries, can you believe those things are wild here. They grow everywhere!! You can pull over, and there on the sides of the roads too, craziness.

    Love the painter's paper, what a great idear!!

  6. the 1st pic of ella looking up looks just like you! brilliant idea for your table top!

  7. Well I'm in Cali and my kids are out of school but on the second day my 3 year old broke his leg. Changes our summer plans a bit. I actually have a roll of that paper in the garage. Maybe I'll try that!

  8. yum, the berries sound delicious, i would be putting those in my cheerios every day! great idea with the paper, we always did that at school when i worked and the kids loved it. i have that table cloth, too. 8 days...you're almost there! and just remember, we will all be starting school before you in the Fall and THAT will be super lame! : D

  9. Can't believe you guys are still in school!!

  10. don't fret friend. we've been on summer vaca from school for a few weeks, but have been in super vbs mode up until yesterday. yesterday our summer finally began and now i'm feeling the need to make up for lost time. summer list...here we come!

  11. buying the roll, ASAP.

  12. We're still in school too! You're not alone! :)

  13. Just another idea for paper... I visit our local newspaper and they sell end rolls and price them by the inch... I got a roll about 10 years ago for a few dollars and STILL HAVE IT! Love your blog!

  14. Still in school?

    Still look like you are having TONS of fun!

    sandy toe