and the livin' is easy?
yah, we'll see about that.

but i am so so so so glad that it's here.
i pick them up in a few hours.
the thing that is pulling on my heart a little is that my tiny ty is gonna be done with half day school and on to staying until 2. gulp.
that does not make me happy.
i love having that guy around.
and although i may have my fill of that in the next few months, i am still sad to see a phase of his life go.

look at the about me page that he filled out in his first ever yearbook.

i get to be his BFF this year.
what about next year?
and let me just say that he was THE CUTEST ever with that yearbook.
asking everyone and their mother to sign it.....not kidding he has a ton of notes from moms in there.
he has all the moms swooning i tell you (little reedo)

there are things that WILL be better next year though.
for example, i am looking forward to having time where ella is in preschool (oh wait, that's crazy too!) where i can help in the boys classes.
i didn't do that at all this year. i tried to embrace the last year of having a baby to stay home with knowing that next year will give me different opportunities to help.
but, although i am glad about that choice, i definately felt that.
i didn't feel great about not being in their classes engaging with their teachers and classmates more.
still, you choose one thing, you DON"T choose another...that's life.
i can't do everything all the time.
oh and before i forget,
i made jar pies for the teacher last night.
and i have some tips.....
but you know what?  i think i am going to just do my own tutorial for you because the tips are a lot of words.

still embracing....
summer's here!



  1. ok so i think i want to live next door to you. here's why.
    1. i want the summer banner.
    2. i want the chalkboard sign.
    3. i want/need the pies.
    4. i want to sign the yearbook.

  2. realllly lovin' your summertime banner :) love!!

  3. I thought it was summer here, but it turns out that it's gone all bi-polar. It's either 90 degree tornado weather, or it's 60 degrees and raining! We're all in sweats here, in hunker-down mode.

    Fun post, Girlie!

  4. oh how I love your posts Shauna. And I cant wait to read your jar pie tute. A friend made them for me once and yours look oh so yummy!

  5. i love the yearbook page! how cute is that?? i know, it's good but bad and hard and then some, letting go a little bit more, isn't it?

    did i ever tel lyou i did get the red high chair/stool like yours? oh yeah, i did and it is too cute!