wait, what did i wear wednesday again?

i've always wanted to do a 
but it's hard!
i have to remember to take pictures of myself and my whole outfit.
plus, it's hard to remember when i wore stuff.
was that monday or last week?
i can't remember... ( i guess you don't HAVE to know when you wore it, i'm just making excuses)
wha wha...
well, i finally did it.

stripey tank---forever 21
jean short cut offs---a little boutique that i forget the name of
floppy hat---nordstrom's rack
cheeky grin---God's little blessing

dress---i made it from a vintage vogue pattern (eeeekk)
(yay! i actually had shoes on! that doesn't usually happen until i'm getting in the car...)

v-neck pocket t---gap
bell bottom jeans---H&M
necklace---brassplum @nordstrom
tiny little blondie---Mr. Reed

tank top---walmart
skirt and belt--- anthropologie clearance table
head band---blossom and vine
sandals---sseko designs
laundry and wild "puppy" kids in the background---mine everyday

it is really hard to keep my hand still to take photos with my phone when i try and look away from the phone and at at the mirror to make eye contact...
i am so un-coordinated, i guess.

i am so glad to get to be a part of Lindsey's famous series!
thanks for having me Lindsey!
(ps. when i saw her at the Queen Bee Market a few months ago, Lindsey and i realized that we used to work at Ruby's together when i was like..... 17! crazy! that feels like FOREVER ago.)

be sure to check out the side bar button that takes you to the reed's pie eating contest shoot with wildflowers photography!!!
you are gonna freak out it is so awesome!!!



  1. love the surprise shout out :)

    AND are those sandals the sseko designs ones, where you can strap them a hundred different ways?

    and, you are the cutest.

  2. Can I borrow that fabulous necklace when I come out in September. If I can, I promise not to hug you:)

  3. Super cute. I love the dress you made. See you at Blog Sugar!

  4. your homemade dress is better than the pies in jars. and that's hard to beat. wow i'm super impressed!!! you're a seamstress now. it's official.

  5. Hello dropping by from Blog Sugar, your photo shoot is brilliant!

  6. loving your outfits :) the last one is my favorite, it is so flattering and the colors are fabulous. did you make that headband? its really cute and i would totally wear it. excited to check out more of your blog!

    katie@little things bring smiles

  7. I love your outfits, I always want to join up for wiww but the always forget to take pictures!

  8. Love the brassplum necklace from Nordstrom...way cute!

  9. Ahhh in love with your trendy yet simple style, I would wear it all!:)

  10. oh my goodness just saw your photo shoot!!! Pure delight! It's truly amazing!!!!!!!!

  11. And aren't you just the cutest thing ever! LOVE all the dresses you've sewn! You've inspired me to sit my butt down and sew me a dress from one of the gazillion vintage patterns I collect...lol

  12. oh my word. you are the cutest! LOVE all of your outfits!

  13. You have the coolest style ever!!!